View Full Version : Enjoy your turkey!

Hasse Andtbacka
27-11-03, 21:54
Happy Thanksgiving to all friends in US!

Hasse Andtbacka

June Pelo
28-11-03, 20:48
Thanks, Hasse. I ate so much yesterday that I feel like a turkey today - gobble, gobble.


Tracy Boeldt
29-11-03, 01:39
Tack Hasse!
Like June--I too, was so full after my turkey dinner, but today for lunch I fixed myself a wonderful turkey sandwich!

Karen Douglas
29-11-03, 15:32
Tack from me, too, Haase!

And, - at this time of Thanksgiving - "tack and kiitos" to Haase Nygard and all the staff and volunteers at the Swedish-Finn Historical Society for providing us with this wonderful website! Because of YOU, many Swedish, Finnish and Swedish-Finn families have been able to gather together through this marvelous technology of cyberspace! As I see it, that falls right in line with one of the signficant and traditional aspects of "Thanksgiving." Karen Douglas