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01-01-09, 20:51
Matt Anderson was my husband's grandfather. He was born in 1879 {I think} but the name was Matt Jorkinen in Finland. He came to Winnipeg, Canada in 1905. He left a brother named John Jorkinen in Finland.
A cousin died last November 2007. She was from Vantas, Finland. Her name was Maija Aliranta.
That is all I have been able to find out about that part of my family.
Again I need help which would be appreciated.

02-01-09, 19:15
Jorkinen seems to be an unusual name in Finland,also found on Ancestry two names Jorkinen, Hilda and Lydia Jorkinen from Helsinki, Finland, emigration year 1905.Vantaa is neighbour town to Helsinki so there might be a connection to this Marja Aliranta, Matt and John Jorkinen.


03-01-09, 00:16
Christer, Yes I think that is correct but that is the only information I have on Matt. It was in 1905 when Matt and his wife Marie came to this country. I would like to find out if Matt had siblings or who his parents were.

03-01-09, 02:20
Christer, I remember my father-in-law talking about his father coming from Helsinki. That would be Matt Jorkinen and John was Matt's brother. I will try to find what year Matt was born.