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June Pelo
01-01-09, 22:46
I've just returned from a very cold and snowy Michigan. Don't think I've ever been as cold as I was - and snowbound twice! Glad to get back where it's warm and where the sun shines. :)

I had a request for help waiting for me. The family in Finland has only this information:

Karl Hugo Andersson Björk, b. 23 Jan 1886, Karleby, d. 21 Sep 1960 in Grand Rapids, MI. He emigrated to the US 1903 and took the name Burke. Is it possible to find out anything about Karl Hugo - or Hugo as he was sometimes known.

Karen Norwillo
02-01-09, 01:19
Here's a start on the Burke family in Grand Rapids.

June Pelo
02-01-09, 01:46
Thank you, Karen. I know this will bring great joy to the family in Finland. I'll send it over right away. Hugo's brother Gustaf stayed in Finland and the family has wondered all these years about Hugo and his family. I noted that Hugo married a woman from Finland named Matilda, which is of interest.

03-01-09, 01:20
Hi June

In family search there is a marriage of Hugo Bjork and Matilda Sauria on Jan. 28, 1911. He is born in Finland in 1886. It has Matilda born in Finland in 1883. Her father is listed as Isaac Sauria.


Karen Norwillo
03-01-09, 17:08
Here's that 1911 image cropped. Karen

June Pelo
03-01-09, 17:35
Thanks Karen and Bud. Maybe the family will recognize the Sauria name in Finland - or be able to find out something about Matilda.

Karen Norwillo
03-01-09, 21:25
I only found one Mathilda Saurio on Ancestry's Immigration files. A Mathilda Saurio, note spelling or misspelling, arrived 1907. It looks like she's from Kaanganpää. Emigrant Register has a Mathilda Sara leaving 01.07.1899. I didn't find anyone under Sauria.

June Pelo
04-01-09, 00:31

Thanks for finding that. Hard to tell if there's any connection, but I'll pass it on. I couldn't find the name Sauria in Finland - wonder if it was spelled differently or part of another name.

June Pelo
04-01-09, 00:40
It looks more like Lauria than Sauria. I think I've seen the name Lauri used before.

04-01-09, 02:31
There are people from Kankaanpää with the surname "LAURIO".

Karen Norwillo
04-01-09, 19:52
I posted a request to RAOGK in Grand Rapids and she is going to email me all 4 obits from the Grand Rapids Press. I will post as soon as received. Hopefully this will solve the mystery of Mathilda's surname.

June Pelo
05-01-09, 00:56
Thanks. There are so many helpful people.

Karen Norwillo
12-01-09, 15:55
The obits came today. Unfortunately, no clue to Matilda's surname, but more leads to living relatives. I sent your email for privacy. What I can post here:
1953 Matilda Burke age 70 wife of Hugo K Burke died at family home 828 5th St NW. Survived by husband, two sons, Carl and Edwin and a daughter Miss Alma Burke and 3 grandchildren, all in Grand Rapids, a brother and sister in Finland. Alt Mortuary and Greenwood Cemetery.
1960 Hugo K Burke, 74, same survivors, a brother Friedolph Bjork in Finland, same mortuary and cemetery.
1975 Edwin S Burke, 56, 3153 Michael Ave SW. Survived by wife Virginia A, children Jethro(Sue) Burke, of Belleville, MI, Phillip (Jill) Burke, David (Julie) Burke of Grand Rapids,2 Granddaughters, a daughter-in-law Mrs. Eileen Burke, sister Miss Alma Burke, brother Carl Burke, sister-in-law Mrs Marjorie Parker Thompson all of Grand Rapids and a brother-in-law Jethro R Rice of Royal Oak. Metcalf Mortuary, Greenwood Cemetery.
1988 Carl A Burke 75, Vet of WWII and member DAV. Survived by sister Miss Alma Burke and 3 nephews. Alt Mortuary and Greenwood Cemetery.