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03-01-09, 17:01
Hey everyone! I got a quick question about a column in this late 1700s Porvoo communion record...I cant seem to figure out what this one column "D.S.S. Begripet" means -


I have novicely translated Begripet to mean "knowledge" or "intelligence" or something along those lines (though I may be wrong). But does anyone have a clue as to what D.S.S. stands for?

Oh, and for anyone following the "drama" (lol) in my other thread, the top person on the record, Anders Henriksson, is the father of the 3rd person, Anders Andersson, who in turn eventually marries Catharina (Caisa) Johansdotter, who is the woman who is found hung from a tree in Nasebacka for currently unknown reasons.

Anyway, thank you for the help, everyone!

Jaska Sarell
03-01-09, 18:06
That might be the same that I found from one site explaining communion book columns (into Finnish).
Dicta S.S. = Dicta Scripturae
Holy writings or something like that.

:) Jaska

04-01-09, 12:21
How about this translation:

"understands what it says in the scriptures". Perhaps Kaj Granlund knows better. He should be an expert.


05-01-09, 18:57
Thanks Jaska and Sune for the help! I think you both are right, and that it means something to the effect of scriptural knowledge.

I just checked the forum's memberlist, and I am going to message Kaj Granlund.

Thanks again for the help everyone!

Kaj Granlund
05-01-09, 20:27
In my opinion they are right. That is the part of the communion books where the marks were made as the person attended the "läsförhör". An annual gathering in the area where the pastor and another person checked the skills of the people. first column ABC (if they at all were able to read). second part: Dr Luth cathec (= the 6 parts of the cathechismus of Martin Luther) and at last if they did understand the Scripture.
The excelletn mark was an X if on "leg/arm" was missing it was good and so on. Sometimes you cna find that a person just has a dot. That was really weak.
the next column: Neglected to attend the "läsförhör"

06-01-09, 00:57
Thank you very much for the prompt reply, Kaj! And everyone else, thanks again.

I noticed at the bottom of the record, some others have much smaller "X"s than Anders Henriksson and Anders Andersson (at the top of the record). I guess that means they had greater scriptural knowledge than the rest on the page lol.

Thanks everyone!