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04-01-09, 21:18
I heard a rumour that there in the crew of Enola Gay or Bockscar was some finnish people too. I am very intresting about that rumour, because the man should be related to me. The man who told that could not anymore remember the newspaper where he read that thing. What do you think could it be possible?

04-01-09, 23:13
Not that this is the best source, but here is a link and a list for the crew of the Enola Gay [click on the next page arrow when on that page for more photos and for crew of Bock's Car:

Crewman Position
Colonel Paul Tibbets Commander
Captain Robert Lewis Co-Pilot
Captain Theodore Van Kirk Navigator
Major Thomas Ferebee Bombardier
Lieutenant Jacob Beser Electronic Countermeasures
Sergeant Joseph Stiborik Radar Operator
Private Richard Nelson Radar Operator
Staff Sergeant Wyatt Duzenbury Flight Engineer
Staff Sergeant Robert Caron Tail Gunner
Captain Deke Parson Weaponeer
2nd Lieutenant Morris Jeppson Ordinance Expert

Bock's Car Crew is here:
Crewman Position
Major Charles Sweeney Commander
First Lieutenant Charles Albury Co-Pilot
Captain James Van Pelt, Jr. Navigator
Captain Kermit Beahan Bombardier
Lieutenant Jacob Beser Electronic Countermeasures
Staff Sergeant Ed Buckly Radar Operator
Sergeant Abe Spitzer Radio Operator
Master Sergeant John Kuharek Flight Engineer
Sergeant Raymond Gallagher Asst. Flight Engineer
Staff Sergeant Albert Dehart Tail Gunner
Commander Frederick Ashworth Weaponeer
2nd Lieutenant Fred Olivi Third Pilot

June Pelo
05-01-09, 00:48
Some younger readers may not know that Enola Gay was the name of the plane that dropped the bomb (code-named Little Boy) that ended World War II. Go to google.com and read more about Enola Gay.

05-01-09, 18:07
Good luck with the search, June! That a family member was a crewman on such an important mission would be an interesting piece of information for anyone's family history books!