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I’m searching for and trying to find descendants to Andrew Alanen and Ida Josefina Alanen. Andrew was born 3 October 1893 in Lapua, Finland and his wife Ida was born 16 September 1894. Andrew moved to America 1913. Andrew was death 1961 in Seattle, WA and Ida J. Alanen was death in July 1987 in Seattle King. Andrew was deep sea fisherman and they live in Seattle, WA.

Also I’m trying to find information and descendants to Matti Pakarinen and his wife Maria Kuitula or Annala. Mari was born 2 September 1881 in Lapua, Finland and she was Andrew´s sister. I believe that Maria arrived to New York from Sievi, Finaland in year 1906 but I’m not sure. Maria was death 20 November 1951 in America, I don’t know the place.


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If you know any of the names of the parents of the people that you are looking for, that would help us as well.

For instance, this "could" be a brother of the Pakarinen that you are looking for, but since we don't know all of the info, it is only a good guess:

PAKARINEN, EMIL -- Born September 18, 1887, Finland. Died Aug. 20, 1936, U.S. Marine Hospital, Seattle, Wash. Usual residence Portland, Ore. Cause of death: extensive adeno-carcinoma of stomach. Single. Seaman, Steamship Pomona. Father: Otto Pakarinen (b. Finland). Mother: Mary Genti (b. Finland). Cremation Sept. 4, 1936, Seattle, Wash.

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In HisKi it says that there is a boy by the name of Antti born on the 3 of oct 1893. Parents are Talvävy Antti Kuitula and Justina Kusttyttär. They are living on Tienhaarasta.
Can enyone translate Talvävy???

And there is a girl Maija born on the 2 of sept 1881. She was a twin ,but her twinsister Sanna dies the 21 of dec 1881.Parents are Antti Juhanpoika and Justina Kustaantyttär on Tienhaara

Antti and Justina also had the following children
Kustaa born on the 29 of jan 1885
Justiina born on the 26 of dec 1887
Jaako born on the 6 of august 1892. Died the 18 of august 1892.
They also had a boy born on the 5 of feb 1884, but the boy was dead when he was born.


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The farmhand Anders Johansson Kuitula and the farmers daughter Justina Gustafsdotter Tienhaara got married to each other on the 14 of may 1881 in Lapua

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Talvävy is some kind of "in-law".

Vävy or vävy poika is "son-in-law".

Not sure of the first part of that is.

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Talvävy is short for talon (or talollisen) vävy, i.e. son-in-law to the farmer who owned the farm.


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Good man Sune:D

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And maby this is also a son to Antti and Justina

Juho born on the 2 of february 1890. Parents Antti Juhonpoika Kuitula and Fiina Kustantytär on Tienhaara.

Karen Norwillo
05-01-09, 16:31
I found the WWI Draft Reg for Andrew. Strangely, I don't find them in any census records. Maybe grossly misspelled. SSDI has a Ida J Alanen dying Jul 1987, but the WA Death Index has 18 Feb 1988 at age 93. I also found naturalization records for Ida. It gives alot of info, maiden name, date of marriage etc. There are two manifests for trips abroad, don't know if it's them. Unfortunately, the deaths of Finns index in King County only goes to the late 40's.
I only found one Matti Pakarinen in MN, but his wife was Katie, not Maria or Mary. I found one arrival for a Maria Annala, but the dates are "off."

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Thank you very much!

If I could ask from you still one search.

These the said persons’ sister is also missing.

Justina (she is also called Stina and Tiina) Annala or Kuitula married in 18 December 1908 in Lapua, Finland with Matti Leanteri Torpinkangas or Pollari. Justiina was birth 26 December 1887 in Lapua, Finland and She possible death in Seattle, WA. Her husband Matti was birth 14 February 1887 in Veteli, Finland

Justina moved to the USA in year 1910 and Matti has moved in year 1909. They was at two girls at least and their names were Helvi and Aune. Let us suppose that Helvi’s husband was Willard Salme.


Karen Norwillo
05-01-09, 21:48
Here is the 1913 arrival of Ida Gronwall and also Andrew's petition for Naturalization.
Question, why are the sisters of Andrew Annala and not Alanen? Karen

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First family’s surname was Kuitula. The Family moved the place which was called Annala but Andrew didn’t move to this house because he moved to America. He changed his all names. Those who moved to this house changed surname to Annala for the time being. At first Andrew's name was Antti or Andreas and surname was Kuitula. I don’t know why he changed his names. However surname is Kuitula now in Finland.

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When Matti Torpinkangas is arriving in New York on the 28 of mars 1909 he is coming from Sievi. He still got his wife J Torpinkangas there.He is going to Youngstown Ohio to his friend August Pakkarinen.

Karen Norwillo
06-01-09, 17:11
Well, for the 3rd time, I'll try again. I keep getting locked out.
Found your Pollari and have lots of info.
Matt and Tiina had 5 children, Aune abt 1912, Tauno abt 1914,-15 May 1951 at 37, Arvo John 21 Aug 1917-4 Dec 1999, Helvi 16 Apr 1919-22 Jun 1984 and Wiljo abt 1923.
Matt Leander Pollari died 7 Jan 1960 in Ilwaco, Pacific, WA. Father Alexander Pollari, mother Liisa Wirkkala. I'll do attachments in another post.
The family seems to have lived in Deep River, Naselle, South Bend, Ilwaco and Raymond. All in Pacific county except Deep River in Wahkiakum county.

Karen Norwillo
06-01-09, 17:13
Here's the attachments.
Helvi's husband Willard Salme, born 26 Nov 1912, died 1 Jul 1984 abt 6 weeks after her in Naselle, Pacific, WA.

Karen Norwillo
06-01-09, 17:19
Here's an attachment for a Maria Annala that may be the one you seek. I haven't been able to connect her to her husband yet.

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I seem to remember that somebody showed me a Matt Pollari’s World War I Draft Registration Cards and some Public records but I lose this papers.
Was Betty Pollari related with this Pollari family? One Betty was birth 1923 and the other Betty was birth 1930 in WA.


Karen Norwillo
03-03-09, 19:47
I just heard from a daughter of Helvi Pollari Salme. She wants to add that her mother was first married to George Warra, who was her father. He died when she was only 5. She was asking if I was related. Would you like me to have her contact you? Andrew and Ida Alanen were her great-uncle and great aunt. PM me with your email address if you do.

Karen Norwillo
04-03-09, 15:43
Just wanted you to know, it does help to join Facebook. Out of the blue, I had a message from a lady who is related to the Pollari family and I will connect her with Mikko. Aune just died in January at 97 and Wiljo is still alive and in good health. She has much info to share with Mikko.

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We have talked about joining Facebook before but it is really worth mentioning it again! Join it! I can't even begin to tell you how many second cousins I have found there. It really is such a help and so much fun when you get the message back from them saying that we are such close relatives.

Anyone else out there who hasn't joined yet then give it a go. Look me up (Ayla Hasso - I'm the only one which makes it easy!) and add me to your friends list too, I hope all of us from here will be on it soon. Our own family....and a huge one too :)