View Full Version : Hello from Espoo

Soli Nylund
05-01-09, 22:39
I'm new to this forum. I am putting together a web site on my family, based on my late father's genealogy work and old photographs and letters. As there are several emigrants in the family, I am looking for different sources for trying to find out more about them.

06-01-09, 08:12
Welcome to the Finlander Forum, Soli:)

Karen Norwillo
06-01-09, 18:29
Welcome, Soli. I have cousins in Espoo and was there in 2004. Had a wonderful time. Karen

June Pelo
06-01-09, 21:18
Hi Soli. Glad to see that you've joined us. There are some good searchers here and if you post your query, I think they can help you. And some of them use Ancestry.com.

Kay Voth
18-01-09, 20:24
I was in Espoo May of '06. How I loved it.