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Jaana Leino
06-01-09, 14:21
I am looking for the following relatives:

Johan Roslöf was born 1878 and Gustaf Ervard was born 1882. They were born in Finland and they emigrated to the United States. They came to live in Cloguet Minn year 1901 and 1902.

I am looking for any information of their relatives that might be in USA. Thank you for your help. I would greatly appreciate it.

Kind regards Jaana

D J Granlund
06-01-09, 16:22
You may want to go to MNHS.org and search the death index. Using soundex brings up some names that may be of interest. St Louis County is just next to Carlton County in which Cloquet is located. Good luck with your future searches. David

Karen Norwillo
06-01-09, 19:54
Here's the brothers in MN and some of the family.

Karen Norwillo
06-01-09, 20:31
1930 census.
Gustave Edward died sometime between 1920-1930.
Edward E Roslof 23 Jan 1912-10 Mar 1997 Westmont, DuPage, IL married to Gertrude Kibitlewski 10 Jan 1942. Gertrude 13 Mar 1915-Apr 1981 Chicago, IL Edward served WWII Army and is buried St Adalbert's Cemetery, Niles, IL
Helga Elsa Roslof 27 Aug 1913-2 Jul 2007 Escondido, San Diego, CA. I sent a PM.
Raino V Roslof 15 Feb 1915-3 May 2008 Wheeling, Cook, IL.
Declarations and Naturalizations for John and Gustaf Edward found in Carlton county, MN. I can send info how to obtain, if interested.

Karen Norwillo
07-01-09, 04:09
Was there another Roslof brother or relative who came to MN? There was a Carlo, Kaarlo, Charles Robert in St Louis county who gave Edward Roslof as nearest relative on his WWI Draft Reg card. Born 28 May 1885.
Also found arrival for a Kustaa Rostof going to brother Johan in Cloquet, MN in 1902. Notice both times spelled Rostof.

Karen Norwillo
07-01-09, 21:07
I found the arrival of a Kalle Roslof in 1906. Says he's going to brother Antone Roslof in Cloquet, MN. Ancestry has him mistakenly as Ralle, and it does look like that, but it must be a misspelling either by ship's crew or the R is really a K. So it would seem there is another Roslof brother. In all census records, he is single. He was born 1885 and died in 1956 in St Louis county, MN. Johan went by Antone at some times, as Gustaf went by Edward.

Karen Norwillo
07-01-09, 23:17
Fom Hiski, Pori
12.1.1878 to Johan Fredrik Roslöf and Elsa Maria Stenroos..Johan Anton
31.3.1882 same parents..Kustaa Edvard
29.3.1885..Karl Robert
10.12.1887 Frans
30.12.1890 Taavi Wilhard. Johan in Inderö village, rest say Kokemäensaari.
2.9.1877 Landsförsaml. Drengen ogift Johan Fredrik Roslöf and pigan ogift Elsa Maria Stenroos.
I'll check to see if the other two brothers emigrated.

Jaana Leino
08-01-09, 10:30

Thank you very much your messages. It is true that Kalle Robert emigrated to USA, too.

It was very great to get so much information on these brothers. I have a few photos of them or at least I suppose so.

Kind regards Jaana

Karen Norwillo
08-01-09, 14:45
I just noticed that Charles Robert's WWI Draft Reg has the wrong DOB. Should be 29 Mar, not 28 May, if Hiski is correct. March is the date given on SSDI also.