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June Pelo
07-01-09, 01:20
I'm stuck with a couple names and wonder if anyone had any information - I've searched Talko and HisKi with no results.

Margareta Andersdotter Björnvik, b. 23 Jul 1767, Larsmo - I need to know who her parents were. She married Simon Andersson Kaptens in 1786.

Maja Lisa Johansdotter Åkö, b. 30 Nov 1789, Öja, Karleby - I can't find anything about her parents except their names: Johan Johansson Tjäru and Carin Mattsdotter. Maja Lisa married Johan Petter Simonsson Kaptens in 1811. He was son of the above Margareta and Simon Kaptens.


Jaska Sarell
07-01-09, 11:03

HisKi Pedersöre says:
23.7.1767 25.7.1767 Eugmo Biörnwik And. Carlss. Malin Johansd. Marg:

So Anders Carlsson Björnvik 1720-1788 and Malin Johansdr Rif 1732-1804 would fit (have them unconnected to any children).

I have Maja Lisa Johansdotter Åkö as a daughter of Johan Hansson Lillvikar b. 16.08.1760 and Carin Mattsdotter Tjäru b. 18.08.1770, meaning that there's a patronymic error for father in birth record. Johan Hansson was måg at Tjäru and then moved over to Åkö in 1797.

:) Jaska

June Pelo
07-01-09, 17:04
Thanks, Jaska. It all seems to fit - and fills in some of the blanks.. :)