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June Pelo
07-01-09, 22:21
I'm looking for information about John "Irish" Johnson, b. 1861, Purmo. His name was Jakob Johansson Backa, but he changed it to John Johnson in the US. He married Gustava Jacobson, b. 1870, Nykarleby. They met at a lumber camp in White Cloud, MI where she worked as a cook. They married before 1897 in Grand Rapids - had 3 children: Selma, b. 1897, Carl Ivor, 1899, and Eva Marie, 1903. John died in 1936 and Gustava in 1951.

I'm not sure, but think John was born to Johan Jonasson Sisbacka (1830-1884) and Lena Lisa Hansdotter (1825-1897). If true, then Johan and LLena Lisa were aunt and uncle to Gustaf Simonsson Backlund-Forsman who married Ida Johanna Mårtensdotter Hofman - Bill Wright notice!!

Karen Norwillo
08-01-09, 16:22
Hiski has Johan Jonaesson, Sisbacka farm and Lena Lisa Hansdotter married 10.11.1814.

7.11.1815 Beatha, 12.9.1816 Jonas, 10.11.1817 Majalisa, 4.11.1818 Simon Petrus, 30.5.1820 Maria, 6.11.1821 Lisa, 21.10.1826 Niclas.
15.1.1830 Johan, mother 34, 12.9.1832 Anna Caisa, m.38?, 6.10.1833 Anders, m.40, 1.5.1836 Lena Lisa, m.42.
They have Lena Lisa Hansdotter dying 17.6.1848 age 53. I found no Lena Lisa born 1825 in Purmo.

June Pelo
08-01-09, 21:17
Thanks, Karen. That seems to be the same info. I saw, so perhaps they are the correct people. I only have years but no definite birthdates. Anyway, I'll assume this is the family. Wish HisKi would get more older Purmo data online. Seems like lately I've had to dig into Purmo records nearly every day.