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D J Granlund
11-01-09, 16:41
I need help finding the home parish and possibly the name of Matt Holmes in Finland if it was changed upon comming to the U.S. From his WWI registration, he was born 24 Feb 1881. I have not found his birth in hiski ancestry etc. I did find 9 Matt, Matts or Matti born with that date in Lapua, Hiitola, Ilmee, Kuhmo, Kuolemajärvi, Muolaa, Paltamo, Viipurin msrk and Sortavalan. I have listed Lapua first as Matt married Sanna Liisa Martilla b 6 Feb 1884 in Lapua. I have found that she arrived in NY 2 Jun 1904 on the Teutonic. Census records indicate Matt came in 1902 and Sanna 1904 as a single female servent. I have not been able to find Matt arriving in the US which suggests to me his name may not have been Holmes Holme or Holm. The Lapua Matt was born to Matts Johansson Mäkynen and Mina Gustafsdr on the Tynjälä farm. Could someone check the Institute for Migration for me as I seem to no longer be able to access that data base. Matt and Sanna's first child was born 26 Aug 1905 in Halden, St. Louis, Minnesota (near Floodwood). This suggests that Matt and Sanna may have known each other before he left Finland as the child was born in Minnesota 15 months after Sanna arrived in NY. Any and all assistance and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. David

June Pelo
11-01-09, 18:11

I have a Matts Leander Michelsson Holmgård, b. 27 Feb 1881 in Hopsala, Kronoby, d. 4 Oct 1934, Duluth. But he married someone named Ester Molander from Karleby and the family had 3 children in Duluth.

D J Granlund
11-01-09, 20:44
Thanks Cousin June,
Matt Holmes died 22 Dec 1946 in St. Louis County (presumably Halden) according to Mn Death Cert 014248. Sanna died 17 May 1952 also in St. Louis County. It would be helpful if the Institute of Migration had a passport for Matt Holmes or Matt Mäkynen on or about 1902.

D J Granlund
11-01-09, 22:08
I have an update. I have located the arrival of Matti Holmes in Halifax 25 Jan 1902 on the Parisian. It appears he was going by the name Holmes when leaving Finland but I can not find him in Hiski with that name.

June Pelo
11-01-09, 23:15
Not all parishes on HisKi include the year 1881. Unless someone has access to Halifax records or Parisian passenger list, I don't know what else you can try. Try posting something on Finngen to see if they can find anything.