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Gunnar Damström
11-01-09, 20:28
November 1, 1909 three youngsters from Esse set out to stike it rich in the New World. They were Jakob Sundqvist (1881-1941) aka Jack Johnson, John West and A. Bartell. The Quarterly editors are trying to find out the real name of A. Bartell. Ann Sofi Gäddnäs Sundqvist, Jabob Syndqvist's granddaughter in 1946 guessed that Bartell's surname actually was Björkell. A. Bartell wrote a moving letter about his experiences as an emigrant to America, which was translated and published in Jakobstads Tidning in 1946. His mother, who remained in Esse died in 1912. While A. Bartell remained in the US, his copmpnions eventually returned to Esse. The letter was dated in Negaunee, Michigan in 1946.

June Pelo
11-01-09, 23:32

Talko database has 315 Björkell names and I noted that Christian Dahlin had an Alexander Björkell/Bärklar, b. 1912, Esse who married Ellen Sundqvist and they had a child SA - no name or date given. Also there are about 9 Bartell names from 1905-1915 posted from Göran Berglund's database.

12-01-09, 16:08
The person Alexander Björkell was never in USA as far as I can see. I have his descendants still living here and some of them are my good friends.

Alexander was born in 1912, and A. Bartell moved to USA in 1909, so this could not been him.

The name Bartell was Bärklar in 1800's.

I'll try to see what I can find.


Karen Norwillo
12-01-09, 16:41
Here's an Alexander Bärklar arriving Nov 1909 on the Oceanic. Could this be him? I searched the pages before and after, didn't see a Sundqvist or West.

12-01-09, 16:50
I have an Alexander Bärklar (b. 10 Apr 1891). Parents are Johan Bärklar - Wärn (b. 10 Sep 1835) and Lisa Lassila (b. 23 May 1849).

The name of his father is the same as in Karen's record.

I have information about his ancestry, but not about his descendants.


M. Waters
12-01-09, 20:32
There was an Alexander Bertel in Negaunee, born 10 April 1891 in Esse, died 26
April 1976 in Negaunee Michigan. He married Helmi Maria Peterson, born 12 april 1900 in Larsmo, died February 1976 in Negaunee. Helmi was sister to our landlord in Negaunee, Johan Andersson (John Peterson) Lillkung,born July 1880 in Esse, died 29 October 1969 in Negaunee. Do you think this could be your A. Bartell?

12-01-09, 21:47
His birthday matches exactly. Perhaps his complete name was Alexander Bertel Bärklar?

What does Damström think?

His father, Johan Wärn Bärklar was married twice. In his first marriage with Lena Bärklar (d. 1873) they had six children with living descendants today.

Alexander was born in his second marriage as the youngest of seven children. I do not have much information about descendants to the the children in Johan's second marriage.

Take a look in Talko Genealogy! Kaj Granlund has a lot about his ancestry.


13-01-09, 01:26
Alex Bertell marriage 20 June 1914 to Mary Peterson in Negaunee. His parents are John Bertell and Leasi Larsella. Both Alex and Mary were born in 1891


Gunnar Damström
13-01-09, 01:56
There is no doubt in my mind that Alexander Bertel Bärklar is our man. Thank you all for your efforts.
Gunnar Damström

Karen Norwillo
13-01-09, 16:54
I just love when all efforts come together. Karen