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13-01-09, 22:29
Hello all,

My name is Kevin Banister and I live in a suburb of Sydney, Australia. My grandfather (on my mothers side) was Toumas Taavi Waltanen born 7th Dec, 1894 in Turku (Abo) Finland. His father was Tuomas Valtanen (name shown on headstone) born 21st Jan, 1850 in Poytya, Finland, died 3rd Jan, 1930 Turku, Finland. His wife was Katharina Susanna Takaluoma, born 28th May, 1856 in Kuortane, Finland, died 20th June, 1933 in Turku , Finland

My grandfather Tuomas Taavi Waltanen was a crewman aboard the 4 masted barque 'Fennia' which, among its journeys, arrived in New South Wales, possibly Newcastle, on 20/10/1913. He 'jumped ship' with a small number of other crewmen and made his way to Sydney, New South Wales. After a short time he took the name of Thomas David Waltanen and married my grandmother Alice Matilda Klimeck (Polish heritage)

2 of my grandfathers siblings Helmi Hilja Waltanen (Valtanen) and Maria Johanna Waltanen (Valtanen) migrated to the USA between 1917 and 1920. That's another story I am having problems with.

If possible I am trying to go back a few more generations regarding Tuomas and Katharina. As you may appreciate searching through Parish records that are in Finnish or with Finnish place names, you don't really know if you have the right ancestors.

That basically is all the information I can provide via my mother, a daughter of Tuomas Taavi. Anything regarding Tuomas Taavi and his wife Katharina Susanna would be appreciated. Anything regarding Helmi and Johanna would help also if I were to find that I have have relatives in the US.

Thank you for your time,

Kevin Banister

Karen Norwillo
13-01-09, 23:18
Ancestry is down for maintenance, but I found both ladies on Ellis Island Records. Helmi actually arrived twice. First time on the "Bergensfjord" from Liverpool 6 Nov 1917 as Helmi Hilja Valtanen. Going to friend Lempi Hellberg in Brooklyn. Father Thomas Valtanen Turko Vähähämeenk 15. Second time, 21 Oct 1922 age 23 "Drottningholm" from Gothenburg. Going to friend Mrs. Amalia ?Wetmore in Brooklyn. Helmi born Åbo. This time as Helmi Waltanen.
Maria Johanna Valtanen from Turku, they actually have Furku, age 17 yrs. 2 mons. "Bergenfjord" from Kristiania, Norway, arrived 21 Dec 1920 going to sister Helmi 1080 E 18th St Brooklyn. Father same as Helmi. I will attach manifests when Ancestry back up.

Karen Norwillo
14-01-09, 17:43
Here's two of the images. I'll do more searching in Brooklyn and see what I find.

Karen Norwillo
14-01-09, 20:29
I found Helmi in NY in 1920, I also found her marriage in Manhattan, NY
9 May 1929 to William (Willie) Baumann. I found them in the 1930 census, married 1 year. Also found them in the SSDI and FL Death Records.
Helmi Baumann 10 Jan 1899, died 9 Nov 1978 in Sebring, Highlands, FL.
William Baumann 9 Mar 1901 in Germany, died 1 Apr 1983 Sebring, Highlands, FL. Marriage found on NYGenWeb. Certificate #10861 Manhattan. Also found their naturalization in NY, but the images are just an index card with name, nothing else. Not worth copying.
No luck with Maria Johanna. I did search the marriage index in NY under all possible spellings.

17-01-09, 05:23
Dear Karen,

Thank you very much for the time and effort you have put in regarding my search. When I showed my mum copies of the ships manifests she was wrapped. Was the information about Willie Baumann found on a marriage certificate? Is there a date and place of birth for him. I know it was not uncommon for people to take on english first names, Willie could have been Willhelm for all I know.

I know hope that someone can take up the cause regarding Tuomas and Katharina in Finland, I hate brick walls.

Once again thank you and have a happy new year.


Karen Norwillo
17-01-09, 17:35
You'd need to contact NY to get a copy of the marriage certificate. I'll try to get you the info from my end if possible.
I found 1 Willi Baumann arriving from Germany 1924, which is when he says he came on the 1930 census. There was also an entry for a Lina or Lena Varhmann in 1935 which says she is going to her son Willi Baumann at 70 3rd St Albany. There's also an entry in 1935 of a Barbara Bittimeier going to friend W. Baumann in NY.
There are 4 entries in the Hamburg Index for 1924 for Willi, Wilhelm, Wilhelm and Willy, with umlats over the y. No other info.
The 1924 arrival for Willi says he was born in Grünwald, last residence Schoenebek, Germany. Says he's going to Chicago, but it wasn't unusual to change minds and stay in NY.

Karen Norwillo
17-01-09, 21:23
I found a request form for ordering the marriage license copy. If I understand it correctly, it costs 10.00 if you know the certificate # and exact date. Certificate # is 10861, date is 9 May 1929 in Manhattan county
under the names Willie Baumann and Helmi Waltanen.
I also requested Highlands county GenWeb for a copy of the obit of William Baumann which I found listed on their website. If it's informative, maybe we can find out about possible children, etc.
I am attaching the order form for the marriage record.