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17-01-09, 21:10
Isaac Mattson, a representative citzen and successful agriculturist of Snohomich conty owner of three hundred and twenty acres of land in the vicinity of Jordan, fifty acres of which are cleared and under cultivation.
His birth occurred in Finland on the 18th of September 1873,
His parents Matt and Hannah Mattson. The father was a farmer.
Matt and Hannah had seven children Anna, John, Isaac, Steena, Matt,Hannah and Carl.
Isaac Mattson was marriage 1906 to Lena Sivertson they had five children Fred Edwin, Ellen, Emil, Carl and Annie.
Who have more information about Isaac Mattson and his ancestors.
Henrik Mangs

Karen Norwillo
18-01-09, 01:19
Here is your Isaac Mattson in 1930, already widowed, along with all his children and his brother John Mattson. They are in Norden, Snohomish, WA. I found birth and death records for most of the children and John. Also found Isaac's WWI Draft Registration.
From the WA Birth and Death Index and SSDI
Ellen L Klinger (Mattson) 5 Jul 1909-1 Aug 1991 Everett, Snohomish,WA
Alton P Klinger 30 Aug 1904 in MI-1 Sep 1979 Arlington, Snohomish
William Alton Klinger 27 Apr 1927 Arlington-17 Dec 2004 Marysville, Snohomish
Fred Mattson 10 Aug 1904-14 Sep 1975 Everett, Snohomish
Emil L Mattson 21 Feb 1911-28 Mar 1988 Arlington, Snohomish
Carl J Mattson 1 Jul 1912-5 Dec 1994 Arlington, Snohomish
Annie Julia Mattson 3 Jul 1916 Snohomish county
All :father Isaac Mattson, mother Lena Severson
John E Mattson 16 May 1870 Petelax, Finland-16 Jun 1940 Snohomish County Hospital, usual res. Arlington. Single farmer and logger Cause of death Chronic Bright's Disease and arteriosclerosis. Father Matt Ericksson
From Death Certificates of Finns in Snohomish County, WA.
I have the info from the obit of William Klinger to send later, if I don't get cut off. PM me with your private email just in case.

Karen Norwillo
18-01-09, 01:27
From obit
William Alton Klinger born 27 Apr 1927 in Arlington died 17 Dec 2004 in Marysville. Served US Army in Korea 1950-1952. Employed Weyerhauser Mill B. Preceded in death by parents Alton and Ellen Klinger, sister Irene and son William "Buddy" Survivors: Wife of 50 years Gloria Jean, son Daryl, daughter Doreen, son-in-law Paul Malisheski, then it mentions several grandchildren and 2 greatgrandchildren. Funeral Solie Funeral Home Chapel, interment Marysville Cemetery.

18-01-09, 08:52
Thank you Karen.
I'v got the qestion about Isaac Mattson from John Mattson in Everett.
The information of Isaac Mattson is from "History of Snohomish Couty Washington" Volyme II page 784.
It is an officer of the Marysville Historical Society who is interested of the roots for Isaac Mattson.
Than you for the information, i will try to chek the curch records in Petalax.
Henrik Mangs.

18-01-09, 15:37
Sebbas, Matts Eriksson.
Born 24 May 1834 in Petalax (Petalax Kb 1851-57 p1/57).
Died 5 Dec 1893 in Petalax (Petalax Kb 1885-1910 p1/451).
Biography Farmer on Sebbas farm in Petalax.

Father Sebbas, Erik Mattsson.
Born 11 Jul 1788 in Petalax (Petalax Kb 1851-57 p1/57).
Died 17 Sep 1853 in Petalax (Petalax Kb 1851-57 p1/57).
Mother Båsk, Ulrica Johansdotter.
Born 2 Sep 1790 in Petalax (Petalax Kb 1851-57 p1/57).

Married to

Pått, Anna Greta Isaksdotter.
Born 5 May 1834 in Molpe.
Died 4 Dec 1899 in Petalax.
Father: Pått (Wesy), Isaac Marcusson.
Born 2 Nov 1808 in Bergö.
Mother: Korsbäck (Nygård), Anna Maria Israelsdotter.
Born 10 Jan 1812 in Korsbäck Korsnäs.

Sebbas, Anna Maja Mattsdotter.
Born 10 Dec 1854 in Petalax (Petalax Kb 1851-57 p1/57).
Died 10 Jul 1855 in Petalax (Petalax Kb 1851-57 p1/57).

Sebbas, Johan Erik Mattsson.
Born 5 Mar 1856 in Petalax.
Died 19 May 1927 in Petalax.
Married to Bränn, Stina Kajsa Eriksdotter.
Born 9 Oct 1853 in Malax.
Died 12 Sep 1936 in Petalax.

Sebbas, Matts Mattsson.
Born 7 Oct 1857 in Petalax (Petalax Kb 1851-57 p1/58).
Se också page 88.

Sebbas, Isaac Mattsson.
Born 5 Dec 1860 in Petalax (Petalax Kb 1858-66 p1/56).
Died 7 Jan 1861.

Mattson (Sebbas), Isaac Mattsson.
Born 1 Feb 1862 in Petalax (Petalax Kb 1858-66 p1/56).
Borta ur Kb från 1889, troligen till Amerika. Återfinnes i 1930 års Census i Snohomich Wachington USA. I Amerika är han noterad född 18/9 1873. Förklaringen till detta är troligen Tsarens påbud om treårig militärtjänst i Storfurstendömmet Finland. Han har troligen rest på någon annan persons dopsatest som hade lämplig ålder för att få utresetillstånd. Detta var ett väl använt förfarande vid denna tid.
Then I checked in the curch records i found that Isaac has used an other 11 yeares yanger persons birthcertificate when hi tryed to get pasport from the Russian Finland. Adervise he had to go 3 yeares in the russian army. In USA he was born 18/9 1873.
But it is the same persone because the children are the same in Census 1930 and in the History of Snohomish Conty.
Married 1906 in USA to Sivertson, Lena.
Born in Tacoma Washington USA.
Died 4 Feb 1919 Washington USA.

Sebbas, Greta Stina Mattsdotter.
Born 15 Sep 1864 in Petalax (Petalax Kb 1858-66 p1/56).

Sebbas, Karl Ferdinand Mattsson.
Born 17 Mar 1867 in Petalax (Petalax Kb 1867-74 p1/63).

Mattson (Sebbas), Johannes "John" E.Mattsson.
Farmer Logger.
Born 9 May 1870 in Petalax (Petalax Kb 1867-74 p1/63).
Died 16 Jun 1940 in Arlington Washington USA.
Lived singel.
Borta ur Kb från 1889, troligen till Amerika. Återfinnes hos sin bror i 1930 års Census i Snohomich Wachington USA.

Sebbas, Wilhelm Mattsson.
Born 21 Aug 1871 in Petalax (Petalax Kb 1867-74 p1/63).
Died 18 Jan 1873 in Petalax.

Sebbas, Wilhelm Mattsson.
Born 16 Jan 1873 in Petalax (Petalax Kb 1867-74 p1/63).
Baptized 19 Jan 1873 in Petalax.
Died 21 Jan 1874 in Petalax (Petalax Kb 1867-74 p1/63).

Karen Norwillo
18-01-09, 16:43
I found the death of Lena Mattson on Family Search Pilot Program LDS
Lena B Mattson 4 Feb 1919 in Arlington, Snohomish, WA, 33 yrs. 3 mos. 14 days. Born 1886, spouse: Isaac Mattson, Father: Peter Seiberson (Severson), mother: Olea Olsen.
The Severson family are found in 1900 in Arlington, WA. Peter and Olea born Norway, children born Michigan.