View Full Version : Ivar Julius Cederberg from Sweden, Gothenburg

Charlotte Söder
18-01-09, 10:34

I wonder if someone can help me to solve a mystery with my great grandfather that disappeared in America 1882.

His name is Ivar Julius Cederberg (born Lindgren), born 24.10.1849 in Västerås.
He was married to Carolina Christina Johansdotter, born 21.05.1848 in Värnamo.
They got 3 children. One daughter dies 1884, only 7 years old, and one daughter is born in 1882, don’t know if it is before or after he leaves for America.
He didn’t get legal papers in an ordinary way. It just says about him in the books, that he has moved, probably to America. From that time on he is mentioned as a husband in America.

I’ve asked about him and tried to search for him with no result.

There is a Julius Cederberg who reached New York 12th august 1882 with the ship Britannic. The ship had left Liverpool and Queenstown in England
The problem with this Julius Cederberg is that he is said to be born 1859/1860, that is ten years to young. Also he is said to have his brother Reinhold with him. And my Ivar Julius didn’t have a brother which travelled with him.
But then Ivar Julius Cederberg is said to come from Gotherburg from the right congregation and Reinhold from another part in Sweden.

It could be wrong birthdates in the papers, he can have changed his name, and he maybe wanted to disappear for some reason.
In Sweden his occupation was trainenginedriver, if that is any help

I would be very happy if I could find him in any way, to see what happened with him in America

Best regards