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19-01-09, 22:54
I am trying to help my cousin to trace her relatives in US. Her grandfather Tuomas Myllylä, born 22. febr. 1879 (or 1878) in Rautio, Finland, travelled to Canada from Hanko 14.may 1913, came to USA to Michigan 1914. He died 30. march 1954 in Oregon (Grimsley).
Tuomas had a wife and three children in Finland when he travelled. But he was registred as a singel. The family never heard from him. Now is my cousin woundering if he had some children in USA and if there is some relatives -maybe cousins to her in USA.
I have tried to find some information about him, but I haven´t found more than the Michigan passenger lists on the boat he travelled to USA. Is there someone who can help me to find out where to search more?
Thank you for all information!

Karen Norwillo
20-01-09, 20:47
I found on Ancestry, Tuomas' WWI Draft Registration in Duluth, MN. Other than the arrival manifests you already have, I haven't found him elsewhere, yet.

21-01-09, 06:51
When he is arriving from Canada to USA In nov 1914 he is going to Portland Michigan. He has got his wife Johanna Myllylä in Rautio, Hi´s sister in law Edith Paakko lives in Rudyard Michigan

21-01-09, 07:27
Or maby it is Portland in MAINE.
Atlantic Port Passanger list 1820-1873 and 1893-1959 about Thomas Mylhyla
Name Thomas Mylhyla
Arrival date 4 jun 1913
Age 34 years
Estimated birth year abt 1879
Ethnic Background Finnish
Port of Departure Liverpool England
Ship name Franconia
Port of Arrival Portland Maine
He is coming from Rautio and he´s going to Sault Ste Marie where he got his cousin John Vahlman. He´s got his wife Johanna In Kalajoki

He is travelling together with
David Jyppo 31 from Kalajoki
Arvo Haapakoski 20
Matias Nivala 19 from Rautio
They are all going to their friend John Vahlman in Sault Ste Marie

23-01-09, 20:59
Thank you for trying to help me. Tuomas Myllylä's wife Johanna died in 1920 in Finland and left two children after her. It seems to be unpossible to find any other information about Tuomas. He lived in USA 40 years so he should be foúnd in some register.

23-01-09, 23:02

Sault Ste Marie is in Canada and in Michigan, USA.