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20-01-09, 11:49
Hello I am new member here

My name is Irina Manina nee Saren.

My father showed me old pictures of my great-grand parents and told some names. I know that family was very big and I have some hope that it is possible to fill up some gaps in our genealogy.

My eldest (known me namely) ancestor is David Schneider who married Catharina Simonsdr. Their son Anthon (Davidinp.) Schneider was born in 01-01-1837 in Vehkalahti, Viipuri and married Greta Lisa (nee Vikman?, born 26-02-1836, died 1906). Anthon probably left for America (or Canada) in 1888 and died there in 1905 or 1906.

Their son Otto Shneider is father of my great-grandmother’s Hilja Josefina Schneider, born in Inari, Lappi in 09-Sep-1889 (her mother’s name is Brita Stina Heikkila).
Otto also had children
Maria Serafina, 03-07-1884, Inari
Aina Brita Stina, 25-05-1886
Otto Emil, 30-12-1887
Tilma Lydia, 27-05-1891
Anna Emiina, 09-03-1894,
Ilo Verner, 17-08-1897

My great-grandmother Hilja (1889-1970) married Yrjo Saren (1894-1932). Yrjo parents are: Carolina (1868-1949) and Heikki Saren (1866-1914).

Hilja and Yrjo gave birth to 2 daughters, Olga (1929) and Sirkka (1929) and 3 (???) sons.
One of sons Ensio (1916-2003) is my grandfather.

My other great- grandmother’s name is Amanda HÄJÄNEN, 1879-1956 (nee MÄKKYLÄ????) . She married Antti HÄJÄNEN (or HEinÄNEN???, he died in 1941).
They had 16 children, but nobody reached marriable age, except my grandmother Josefina (1913-1947) who died in Karelia when my father was 8 years.

There is also information that Amanda and Hilja were far relatives (probably their mothers were cousins, from KyrÖ family)

Our (Saren) family (my father has 6 brothers, two sisters and 3 children, I have a lot of cousins and 4 children) live in Russia and (partly) in Finland.

Just to let you know why I am here. I do not speak Finnish and have no idea on how to investigate information resources. I am not sure that it would be possible to know something, but it is really exiting process.

Thank you for your site!


K-G Molander
20-01-09, 16:22
Greetings! :)

Here are some links to help you do genealogy research in Finland:




20-01-09, 18:52
Thank you very very much!

26-01-09, 17:09
I find the HisKi project to be a GREAT tool for searching ancestors in Finland. I have found many ancestors of mine here and have verified information others have given me.