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20-01-09, 20:51
Hello, my name is Robert Edsel Holstrom from New Jersey, USA. My roots to Finland is on my father's side of the family. His mother, Signe Gustafva Alexandersdotter Filppula (8 Mar 1889, Nykarleby, Finland - 19 Mar 1978 Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA) and father, Verner Valfrid Johansson Holmström (16 Jul 1888, Nykarleby, Finland - 2 Oct 1986, Rochester, Monroe, New York, USA) both came from Nykarleby but met in Brooklyn, New York, USA in the early 1900's. I have ancestry notes from my grandfather that were most likely done by his half brother, Edvard Alesander Holmström (9 Dec 1898, Nykarleby, Finland - 9 Dec 1898, Nykarleby, Finland) in Finland.

I have allot of information on the ancestry but am missing all above my grandmother's father Alexander Mattsson Filppula (13 Jan 1863, Kuortane, Finland - 15 May 1909, Jakobstad, Pedersöre, Finland). He was married to Maja Sofia Johansdotter (13 Aug 1864, Lovisa, Finland - 1920, Jakobstad, Pedersöre, Finland) on 19 Sep 1886 in Nykarleby. He moved to Jakobstad, Finland from Sorvist on 6 Sep 1895 and was a paver. I am missing his mother and father and all other information above him.

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24-01-09, 11:53
Hi Robert and welcome to this forum.As you can see you have come to the right place.
Here are attached records for Alexander Mattsson Filppula, his parents and sisters and brothers from Kuortane churchrecord, these records were added to www.digiarkisto.org today. They lived on Filppula farm no 29.

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24-01-09, 12:29
Hi again Robert
Seems to be your lucky day today,i also found Alexander Mattsons grandparents Johan Mattsson Filpula b.28.3.1805 wife Lena Eriksdotter Sarvikka b.11.9.1802 and also Alexanders greatgreatgrandparents Matts Eriksson b.26.3.1774 wife Brita Henricsdotter b.1774


25-01-09, 01:16
Yes today is a lucky ancestrial day for me! Thanks very much for this information. I also today received my grandfather's ancestrial book "DANIEL LARSON ocr BRITA SOGFRIDSDOTTER" by Solfrid Cederberg.

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