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Mia Maria
20-01-09, 20:44

I´m looking for my grandfathers aunt Elin Maria Mäntynen born in Finland 16.07.1889, she emigrated to the United States 1907.
I found her in Ellis Island passenger lists 1907 (Actually twice, arriving from Liverpool at Port of New York 6th or 8th June). Her name was written Mantynen. She was 17 years old, from Kymi Finland and travelling with a friend Edith Martikainen (or Matikainen) also 17 years. They were going to join their friend, Ediths aunt, Selma Hult in New York.

A few years later 1909 Elin sent a postcard from Brooklyn to her sister Hilda in Finland. I also found some pictures of Elin with a husband, taken by Dominion Foto Studio Vancoucer. So maybe she/they moved later on Canada. I don´t know her husbands name. From the photos I can see that they had a son and a couple of years younger daughter. Behind one babyphoto, someone has written Mrs W. Lakelin, Emerald Victoria Australia. Could that be her name? Did they move to Australia?
The last pictures I have of Elin and her teenage children are taken around 1920 -1930.

I would appreciate any help or ideas finding Elin Maria Mäntynen and her decendants. I would be especially interested to find out Elin Marias marital surname, that could help me a lot. Thank You.

Mia Maria