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Göran Cainberg
30-11-03, 16:37
The attached picture shows a cairn located close to the Palm farms in Nedervetil. The cairn is about 25x30m and consists of hundred of thousands stones with the diameter of about 20 cm. The place is located on the highest place in the area, which has an altitude of approximately 62 meters. Two other nearly similar cairns are located about 2 km from that place. Typical for all these cairns is that they are located on the north slope of the hill, close to the point where the north slope change-over to the south slope, which might be characteristic to Bronze Age graves.

Could these cairns/graves be from a period about 1500 BC? Are there many of that kind of cairns/graves in the coast area/ generally in Finland?

Göran C

09-10-05, 15:42
Oh it looks familiar; the chrain in Viitavesi Nedervetil.

My Father Nils Henrik Palm born in 1930 is also a son of Viitavesi.

I saw that you have found a link between Anders Palm from Alavus and Palms in Viitavesi.

How about my family ?
I am new, have just started this interesting journey looking for relatives; so I do need som guidance.


June Pelo
09-10-05, 22:09
Hello Göran,

I'm glad to see mail from you again. Staffan seems to know a lot about old formations from early times. Maybe he has some knowledge about this. He has something online about the Wolf cave near the Gulf of Bothnia.

Suzanne, I also have Palm names from Viitavesi - and there's a member, Bob Palm, who also has links to that area. There are lots of Palm names on Talko - have you checked there? What names are you looking for?


10-10-05, 00:54
On account of the photo only I would say that it shows a natural shore
formation (strandvall/rantavalli) - an accumulation of stones moulded by
ice and waves and risen above the sea level say sometimes 5000-6000 BP. Not
me against if I am mistaken. Do they show up as archaelogical finds on the
maps re Nedervetil at http://kansalaisen.karttapaikka.fi/kartanhaku/osoitehaku.html?lang=en-GB ?
When these natural geological formations make symmetric patterns
eg. rectangles as they often do on post-Ice Age ridges in Ostrobothnia they
are called jättekyrkor/jättiläislinnat and their origin has stirred much
discussion already a century ago, but it is quite evident that they are not
buildings by humans. (Somebody nevertheless claim that they were built and
used by seal-hunters!)
There is a photo of typical Bronze Age graves at

10-10-05, 07:54
Several types, sizes and formations of cairns can be found in the area. Pls. take a look at these pages:

Link (http://museot.keski-pohjanmaa.fi/sve_kp_laisuus_4.htm)


Göran Cainberg
10-10-05, 21:17
Hello Susanne,

Bronze age cairns in Sweden are also often located on the top of a gently sloping north hillside, where the north hillside turns to a more abrupt south hillside.
(examples I've seen from the net).

Anders A:son Palm moved from Lappo (via Såka and Kaino) to Skog (later Palm) farm in 1808. He used his fathers soldiers name Palm. The name of the Skog farm was "officially" changed to Palm in 1875.
Your Grandmother (fm), her parents and sister moved from Paasiala to Palm in 1903 (1905?) and took the name Palm, according to the farms name, as practice was during that time. Your Grandfather moved to Your Grandmothers farm from Gåsjärvi. Your Grandfathers family (gff) are originally coming from Simonsbacka (and Pelo?) in Nedervetil.

Göran C