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June Pelo
23-01-09, 20:49
How long should it take to get a copy of naturalization papers from the State of Mich? A relative has been waiting since last fall and has had no response. Is there something she can do to speed it up?

Karen Douglas
24-01-09, 18:36
Hi June,

Do you know who your relative wrote to at the State of Michigan? I have a friend who works for the State and she said some of these records are available on microfiche at the State Library.

If you want to send details, I will talk with her and see what we can do.


Karen Norwillo
25-01-09, 18:10
I think it took about 6-8 wks for me to get my grandfather's from MI. It took several months here in PA for my husband's side. Alot depends on how complete your information is. If it's a multiyear search, it can take awhile. Karen

Alice Finnerty
18-02-09, 05:51
HI June,
I have my grandfather naturalization paper so I went to Wexford County to get my grandmothers. Found 2 aunts also but they would not make me copies, they would let me take a photo of it - nothing. All I could do is look and write the information. It was bound in a book. It was disappointing but Im glad I got to see it.

Karen Douglas
18-02-09, 17:51
Hi Alice,

If you would like to email me the names of your grandmother and two aunts, I will be happy to check the Archives at the State Library for their naturalization records. Last week, I was able to find the Declaration of Intent and Naturalization Record for a man that June was looking for. The Archives staff made copies of each document for me for a total of 40 cents.

I should add, though, that they only have "some" of the records. (Some are on microfiche; others - the originals - are in bound volumes.) It could be that Wexford County has retained all of its records. Nonetheless, it may be worth a check to see if the State Library has them on file, too, and I would be glad to do that for you if you want me to. I am at the library at least twice a month relative to other historical projects I am working on right now.


Alice Finnerty
19-02-09, 00:46
I will email you soon - and Thank You.
when you wrote State Library - are you refering to
Michigan's State Library in Lansing?
thanks again