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31-01-09, 22:37
Hi Everyone,

Please can anyone help me with a phone book search? I am curious and would like to find out how many Tanni families there are listed in Finland today.
Now, as I type this I am getting a deja-vu feeling. Is it that I dreamed I wrote this request? Who knows! I could only find 1 post from me about Otto Tanni and there wasn't anything there about finding Tanni families in Finland.......so I guess I dreamed it!

Also, does anyone know what Tanni means? Does it have a meaning? My Google search didn't come up with anything concrete.(unless I missed something)

If there aren't many Tanni families (I dont know how common a name it is in Finland) then I would love to have their addresses via pm of course. If there are hundreds then of course I understand that that's not possible.

Many thanks for any help!


Hasse Andtbacka
01-02-09, 05:35
There are 147 Tanni in the phone book, 101 of them in Pirkanmaa (Tampere area).
Hasse A

Jaska Sarell
01-02-09, 08:20
Also, does anyone know what Tanni means? Does it have a meaning?
A book of Finnish surnames explains that Tanni is derived from Daniel (-> Dani -> Tani, Tanni).

:) Jaska

01-02-09, 12:57
Wow, thank you both of you. 147 isn't too many is it! :)))
I would never have imagined Tanni coming from Daniel. :D

20-02-09, 19:00
Hello again,

Please can anyone help me by looking in the phone book in Finland (so sorry, I wish I could do it myself!) and tell me how many people with the surname Tanni are there living in the Pori area? If it is not too many, would it be possible to scan the page and email it to me? I just can't let this go, I really want to find any living relatives of Otto Tanni (separate old thread).
I figured I could start the long and expensive process of sending letters to people with the Tanni surname to see if anyone knew this poor young man who died so young. I thought that starting with the Pori area would be a good place to start as that is where he lived and worked with my grandfather.
Huge thanks.


Jaska Sarell
20-02-09, 20:10
There's only two listed in Pori, with the same address.
I'll send you a PM.

:) Jaska

21-02-09, 10:40
only 2 in Pori, that's interesting!
Thank you so much Jaska, I think this will be a long process, (isn't it always) :) but it feels good to be able to try something.