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04-02-09, 21:07
Hi all,

I've been researching on of the most difficult branches of my Holm family for years. I have lately got small bits and pieces on the branch collected with help of many other researchers.
Now it seems that one member have emigrated to US at some point, and we have only knowledge of what older, now gone members of the family have told.

So here are the known facts.

Henrik (Henry) Ollikainen b. may 28 1883 in Nilsiš, died 1963 in Minnesota.
His parents are Wilhelm Ollikainen (1851-1926) and Karolina Ulmanen (1851-1930)

Henry is supposed to have at least one daughter Ethel V. born 1918 in Hennepin, Minnesota.

I've seen you folks getting results out of less information, that's why I post this Wanted notice here. If any of you could help I would be very happy. It would be nice to find distant relatives previously unknown.
I had a look at Ancestry.com, and there is a Henry (W) Ollikainen at the right location, but I don't have an account at ancestry, so if any of you have and care to check it out, I'll be thankfull

The branch of our family that's involved can be viewed at http://www.the-holms.org/annamariaholm.htm


Lasse Holm

Karen Norwillo
05-02-09, 15:27
Here's your Henry and his wife Alma and two children in 1930. I also found his WWI Draft Reg Card. I found him on both the MN Death Index and the SSDI.. He died 18 Apr 1963. According to the 1930 census he was a laborer in plumbing. Strangely, there were two Henry and Alma Ollikainen in MN. I found a birth on the MN Birth Index, but I'm not positive it belongs to their Ethel V and her husband as there appears to be two Ethel Ollikainen also. I will send it PM and you can make of it what you will.

05-02-09, 16:18
Thanks Karen,

Even if there appears to be two of Henry, Alma and Ethel, I think that they are the same persons.
The daughter of Ethel that you sended in the PM might still be alive. Do you know any ways to locate this person (phone, email, real mail addresses).


Karen Norwillo
05-02-09, 19:14
From the MN Birth Index
Henry W Ollikainen 5 Apr 1915 Cert#1915-42756 Hennepin mmn: Niemi
Ethel Violet Ollikainen 26 Oct 1917 Cert#1917-47273 Hennepin mmn:Niemi

The Migration Institute has two Alma Nieminen leaving Finland 29.01.1910 and 03.08.1910. She says she emigrated in 1910 on that 1930 Census.
He says 1909. There was one Heikki Ollikainen who left 26.06.1909.
I erred saying there were two Ollikainen in MN. One was in Ishpeming ,MI.
Their children were born in Finland. They didn't have an Ethel. I'll see if I can find an Ethel under that surname I PM'd you.

05-02-09, 19:55
Thanks again Karen,

Now we got a birthdate on Ethels brother also.
If Henry and Ethel is still alive they would be over 90 years. Their kids maybe also have childrens. We would love to find someone of them so we could contact them.

Karen, don't spend all your day's digging info for us, we are in no hurry, so don't stress.



Karen Norwillo
05-02-09, 20:05
I found Henry's arrival in US 1909. Says he's from Nilsiš and going to Cloquet, MN. This matches the birth data on Hiski for Nilsiš. Line 18 under Heikki Ollikainen. Karen

05-02-09, 21:59
Karen you are an angel,

I wish I knew more about where and how to find info in the USA.

Is Cloquet far from Hennepin? I maybe need to start exploring google maps ???

Thanks again,



D J Granlund
06-02-09, 16:20
Cloquet is a town near Duluth and Hennipen County in in the Minneapolis-St, Paul area.

June Pelo
06-02-09, 19:59

Here is a map of Minnesota. Cloquet is to the west of Duluth. I have been there and it's a pleasant town. To the north and west you'll see Aitkin, Palisade, McGregor, Floodwood, Chisholm, Hibbing, Aurora, Eveleth, Virginia and Tower. Many Finlanders settled in those towns and I have had relatives in all of them.


06-02-09, 21:20
Hi June,

Thanks for the map, I saved it among all other family info files for later use