View Full Version : Carin Andersdr, Nov 1735, Torrkulla, Kronoby?

David Bawden
05-02-09, 01:43
I've been digging through the Communion Books of Drycksbäck, Terijärvi to substantiate the IGI reference that she was born in Drycksbäck on Nov 16, 1735 and can't find it. I can find documentation for her being born on Nov 1735 in multiple places in the book. It appears she joins her husband at the farm after her marriage (to Anders Andersson), marriage 13 Oct 1752. No other reference is made for her in earlier Drycksbäck entries. Her marriage, on HisKi, notes her home before marriage is Torrkulla, Kronoby.

I'll be ordering that film next but anyone out there have any further information on her whereabouts and family?

June Pelo
05-02-09, 16:09
According to my records, Catharina Andersdotter Torrkulla was born 16 Nov 1735, or 27 May 1735, Kronoby, to Anders Danielsson Lillskrubb-Torrkulla, 1708-1784 and Malin Johansdotter, 1706-1781. Anders and Malin also had a son Daniel, b. 17 Oct 1733, Kronoby, and Johan, b. 16 Jun 1747, Kronoby.

Anders Danielsson was born to Daniel Tomasson Lillskrubb, b. 7 Nov 1673, and Margareta Mattsdotter Torrkulla, b. 1679/89.

David Bawden
05-02-09, 17:13
Thanks June,

My HisKi search led to me to think they were the likely parents though she is not noted. On Carin's birth date I can confirm from the Communion Books from Drycksbäck, Terjarvi that her birth month is Nov and year 1735. She shows up there after she marries Anders Andersson in 1752. The day of her birth is never filled in on any entry even though it is included for others.


June Pelo
05-02-09, 21:38
My data came from a Peter Gentala years ago. I don't know his source.