View Full Version : FinnFest Florida 2004

Sandy Witt
03-12-03, 05:15
Hi, Finlanders,

I have never been to a FinnFest.

One is scheduled for Florida in February 2004. The website is http://www.finnfest2004.com/ - I have a question about the events.

It appears that most of the events are for the Finnish-speaking Finns. I could not find any activities listed for the Swedish Finns. I would appreciate knowing if such events/activities are planned and--if so--if there is a schedule for them.

I apologize if I missed a list of these activities on the website.


June Pelo
03-12-03, 22:42

Are you a member of SFHS (The Swedish Finn Historical Society)? In their last Quarterly, Syrene Forsman, in her President's column wrote that SFHS will be there with their exhibit "Swedish Finns You Should Know About". I'm sure one of the Finlander members will be included in this exhibit. I don't know what else will be at FinnFest but the committee has brochures about activities to send out to people planning to attend.


Sandy Witt
04-12-03, 00:01
Hi, June,

Thanks for the information.

Yes, I am a member of the Swedish Finn Historical Society. I read Syrene's interesting message about the exhibit.

I just was not aware of other Swedish-Finn activities. I would certainly like to have a brochure.

I will re-check the website, which has probably been updated since I last viewed it.