View Full Version : A lesson learned - always doublecheck sources!

05-02-09, 15:36
I have been relying on the HisKi database significantly for my research. It is by far one of the best genealogical databases in terms of the scope of information contained.

That being said, I have been slowly going through the process of ordering the microfilm records that correspond to my HisKi data from my local Family History Center.

At the Family History Center yesterday, I was looking for the microfilm version of the record of my ggg grandmother, who according to the HisKi database, was hung from a tree. When I found it, I was very suprised! It had an entire separate sentence talking about why she was hung, that WASNT in the HisKi database recording! I havent translated it yet, but maybe it will shed some light on WHY she was hung in the first place!

Now obviously the good folks at the Genealogical Society of Finland cannot record every bit of detail scribbled on the parish records, so I have no ill-will toward them (quite the opposite, really!). I just feel that I have learned a genealogical lesson here. ALWAYS doublecheck your work, preferably from primary original sources. You might discover an error, or (as in my case) find out some more information.

Anyway, just a little story. Most of you all are way ahead of me when it comes to genealogical experience, so I appologise if this is rude lol. Anyway, thanks for listening, later!