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03-12-03, 22:21
In 1892/93 Anna Maria Mann, born Dec. 24, 1873 in Molpe, emigrated to the USA where she married
Peter August Gullans. His original family name was probably Lillthors, born Oct. 25, 1877 in Övermark, but as far as I know he used the name Gullans ”over there”.
In the 1930’s Maria’s sister in Sundom got two photos of Maria’s sons: Harold Earl ”taken on graduation from High School 1933” and the other one of Carl August, taken in 1932.
On the photos there is the text ”Najarian Studio, Woonsocket, R.I.”
Maria Mann had a sister who also emigrated:
Carolina Mann, born Aug. 7, 1883 in Molpe. Her husband was born in Pörtom, but I do not know his name.
Does anybody know anything about Woonsocket? Or about the family Gullans?
Ulla Höglund

June Pelo
03-12-03, 22:49
There are several members of the Swedish Finn Historical Society who are Gullans or have links to Gullans. Syrene can probably add more as I don't know anything about them..


Margaret Rader
04-12-03, 19:02
I can tell you a little about Woonsocket, R.I. When I lived there, I had no idea that there were quite a few Finnish or Swedish-Finnish people who lived there, but I have lately heard that. The greatest majority of people in Woonsocket were immigrants from French speaking Canada. Woonsocket was a textile mill town and many of the people, except for the Yankee mill owner class, worked very hard for little pay. In other words, it wasn't a quaint New England village.

Margaret Rader

04-12-03, 20:05
Hi Ulla,
There are not alot of Peters born Finland in Rhode Island.
I THINK i found them under the name Johnson.There was nothing under Gullans.
Peter Johnson
Age: 43 years
Estimated birth year: 1876
Birthplace: Finland
Race: White
Home in 1920: Woonsocket, Providence, Rhode Island

Peter Johnson 43, born Finland , FinnSwede fireman in fire dept.Immigrant date is blurred but it may be 189?
wife Mary 47 born Finland FinnSwede immigrated 189?
children born Rhode Island
Julia 22, Ester 21 works woolen mill, Carl 17 toll maker in machine shop
Edna 11, Beatrice 8, Agnes 6 and Harold 3
they lived on 136 Farimont St.

05-12-03, 18:22
Thank you for all information about Woonsocket and the Gullans-Johnson.
Yes, Alicia, I think you have found the people I am searching. At least the names and ages fit in very well with the information I have.
What a pity that they did not keep the name Gullans – it is not easy to search Johnsons! At least I have some names now, and I have noticed that Holger and Ulla Wester visited Woonsocket (and other places) in 1973 and collected various information about people living there, so I will ask them first thing I do now.
Thanks for your help.