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June Pelo
10-02-09, 01:11
I have a request from someone asking for help finding descendants of:

John (Johan) Fredrickson b. 07.07.1860 i Finland, Pedersöre, d. in Canada. Wife Caroline b. 29.12.1858 in Pedersöre. Married in Pedersöre 15.04.1886. Emigrated first to America 1886 and then to Canada. In Ancestry, Canadian census 1911 they were in Strathcona, Alberta.

Does anyone have suggestions how to find descendants of this couple?

Karen Norwillo
10-02-09, 22:46
I don't know how much info they have. I found the family in Strathcore, Alberta in 1906 and 1911. Says the first 4 daughters born USA and the family moved to Canada in 1897 or 1898, depending on census year. Says John born July 1859 and Caroline Dec 1858. Children: Emma Sept 1892, Tekla Jan 1895, I can't make out the next daughter's name on either census, it looks like it begins with L and ends with a. Born Mar 1897. Unfortunately, it only says USA, not state. Edith-Jan 1901 Alberta and John-June 1904 Alberta. 1911 says family is Baptist, naturalized and citizens of Canada.
Strathcore is near Edmonton. If I knew where they were in the US before Canada, I might be able to find more info. Too bad the 1890 census records burned. I cropped the census images.

June Pelo
11-02-09, 01:41
Hi Karen,

Thanks for the info. I've written to the family in Finland to see if they know anything more about where these people lived in the US. I think the one name you can't read is Sophia, b. 1897.

11-02-09, 02:22
Is this them? http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/c/l/e/Jane-H-Clerk/index.html

Karen Norwillo
11-02-09, 18:15
I see by that tree above, they have the name as Lydia. That's what I was thinking too. I'll check out the Dakotas for info. Karen

Karen Norwillo
11-02-09, 21:53
I found the family in 1901 in Alpaugh, Alberta. They only have them transcribed by name and age. No images of actual census.They are under Frederickson.
Caroline 42, Edith 3 months, Emma 8, John 40, Lydia 4, Tekla 6 and an Annie 14. She must be the first born mentioned in that family tree and was married by the next census in 1906. There are several entries under various spellings of Fredrickson in The Provincial Archives of Alberta Homestead Records 1870-1930.

June Pelo
11-02-09, 22:10
Thanks, Karen. I'll send that on to Finland right away.