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12-02-09, 08:22
Hi again Roger,
So you have 18 Uittos in your family tree! Wow!
The information I have doesn't go back very far, but here it is:
My father was William Walfred Uitto, born in Warren, Ohio to William Uitto or Otto William Uitto (nobody seems to know which is his real name)b. 1888 in Isokyro, and Edla Hedvig Nortell b. in Rockport, MA in 1889.
My Grandpa Uitto was the son of Jakob (Jaakko) Uitto and Maria Mattsdotter Rintoo of Isokyro.
From what I've seen from immigration records, Jakob Uitto had four sons who emigrated to the US: 1) Matti, who was the first to come, 2)Jakob, who came in 1901; His wife Alima and sons Arvo Johan and Jakob Einar joined him in 1907, making the voyage with 3) my grandpa, William, 4) Kalle (Carl), b. 1892 emigrated in 1909. They all settled in Ohio.
I don't know anything about Matti or Jakob and his family after they came here. But I know that Carl stayed in Ohio and married Mary Kuuttila. They had five children: Sylvia b. 1915, Vuokko b. 1917, Carl b. 1919, Reino (Ray) b. 1921, and Ruth b. 1923.
That's as far back on the Uitto side that I can go. I found an entry on HisKi that listed the patriarch Jakob as "Jakob Sannason Uitto". It appears that Sanna is a name for a girl, and although I've found twenty pages of Uitto records I can't find a single reference to a male named Sanna. So my research has stopped there.

As far as the Lahti side - my great-grandmother was Hedvig Lahti, born in 1862 to Jaakko Juhonpoika Lahti (b. 7/24/1836 Isokyro) and Hedvig Jaakkotytar Murto (b. 9/5/1833, d. 10/23/1894). I don't know if my great-grandmother had any brothers, but if she did it's possible that your Matti William Lahti could be my grandmother's cousin. But then again, Lahti is a pretty common name.

I know I've thrown a lot of names at you - does anything fit with your tree? As I said, I don't know what happened to Matti and Jakob. Those would be the names you should know if our trees are related through that generation. Maybe you can help me solve the Sanna puzzle?

By the way, where in the UP are you? The western part is among my favorite stomping grounds!

Jeanne Uitto-Williams
Hayward, WI

12-02-09, 17:02
Hello again,
I live in Ishpeming, the north-central part of the UP. There's a Stan Uitto living here, I've known him for years. Now, back to business, none of the Uitto or Lahti names that you have are in my records, sorry about that. Some of them may be connected to you, however, most are all of a younger generation.
Sannasson means that Jakob was born out-of-wedlock. I found that a Juha(could be Jakob) was born 11 Oct 1883 in Lapua Parish, on the Panulan Farm to Sanna Kaisa Walporintytär Uitto. She was a piika(hired hand,maid) on the farm. Apparently Sanna was also born out-of-wedlock, because, Walporintytär means daughter of Walpori which I'm pretty sure is a female name.....In Hiski, go to Lapua, put 1883 in the dates, Sa for mother, Ui for last name, and, you will the listing for Juha. Let me know what you think..

12-02-09, 19:27
Hi Roger,
Thanks so much for enlightening me about the out-of-wedlock naming thing. That brings a whole new life to my search!
The Jakob born to a Sanna that I'm looking for would be the father of my grandfather who was born in 1888. Jakob Sannasson Uitto married in 1870, so he was probably born 1840-1850. It is his parents I'm looking for. So far I haven't been able to find a Jakob born to a Sanna or a Susanna in any year. Would the father be the Uitto and the child takes his surname or is Sanna, the mother, a Uitto?
I'm sure all of us Uittos are related somehow but maybe not in a way that is easily traced. How far back does your tree go?
I know Ishpeming. I used to live in Rhinelander, WI and our local TV station carried the show "Finland Calling". I would watch it just to be able to hear the language even though I couldn't understand a word! I was in Marquette a few years ago for a wedding, but other than that I haven't gotten there much. The places we like to go are Ontonagon, Houghton-Hancock, and of course Copper Harbor. I could retire there but my husband doesn't want that much snow!
Thanks again for your help. I'll keep looking.
Jeanne Uitto-Williams

13-02-09, 17:34
Hello again,
I'm confused! It's such a coincidence that I found the Juha Sannasson born in 1883, and, now you say that the Jakob you're looking for would be the father of your grandfather who was born in 1888, by the way, what is his first name? I did find a Johan Sannasson who married Lisa Maria Hermansdotter Lahti in Lapua on 31 Dec 1870. The Uitto name is not listed....And, as you now know, there is no way to find who his father was, we only know that Sanna was the mother....There are lots of Jakobs, and Johans born from the years 1835 to 1856 to a single mother named Susanna/Sanna, but, none have the last name Uitto.....I don't know what to say, except that something isn't right with your information?

13-02-09, 19:04
Sorry if I've confused you. I'm easily confused by all the information so it could very well be that I've got something mixed up.
First of all, the Lahti name comes from my grandmother's side and doesn't figure into the Uitto search. I don't know if you were looking for that name to be included or not.

So let me try to clarify my tree -
My grandfather: William Uitto (possibly Otto William or William Otto) b. Sep. 27, 1888 Isokyro
His father (my great-grandfather): Jakob Sannasson Uitto b. ?
>married June 26, 1870
His mother (my great-grandmother): Maria Mattsdotter Rintoo b. ?

I am now searching for the parents of Jakob Sannasson Uitto. Since he married in 1870, I'm thinking that he would've been born somewhere around 1850, or maybe 1845. We know his mother's name is Sanna. Would her last name then be Uitto? How does it show in the records that a mother is single? And if she is unmarried, do the records ever name a father?

I did find a marriage record for a Sanna Esaiadotter Iivari and Johan Johansson Uitto, married on May 7, 1848 in Isokyro. Then there is a christening record for a child, Johan, born to these same people on Jan. 13, 1850. That child would not be Jakob Sannasson because he was not born out of wedlock. But I'm wondering, if Sanna already had a child when she married Johan Uitto, (that would put bis birth before 1848) would the bastard child maybe take the Uitto name? And if the bride already had an out-of-wedlock child would the marriage record somehow indicate that? The abbreviations preceding her name are "Bd:r,tjen" which I've been told means farmer's daughter, servant.
Do you think I might be onto something?


Jaska Sarell
13-02-09, 20:56
Hi Jeanne,

I posted a query to a Finnish postlist concerning Ostrobothnia. One researcher lives about 1/4 miles from the cottage where your Uitto ancestors lived between 1872 and 1919. He's somehow related. He might even have a photo of the cottage, but that's not sure as there was another Uitto's cottage also nearby. Unfortunately he has loaned his Isokyrö microfiches to somebody and cannot check all details at the moment.

Maria Matintytär Rintoo was born 1 May 1849 (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski?en+t2047405). Her father was Matti Jaakonpoika Rintoo or Rintatalo or Rinta, b. 20 Jun 1824 (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski?en+t2042450) and mother Susanna Juhontytär Ulvinen, b. 19 Aug 1819 (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski?en+t2041454). The parents were married on 31 Jan 1845.
Matti's parents were Jaakko Matinpoika Rintatalo, b. 11 Jul 1786 (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski?en+t2036441) and Ulrika Mikintytär Bergenfelt, b. 27 Sep 1802 (http://hiski.genealogia.fi/hiski?en+t2038711). They were married on 21 Mar 1824. Ulrica was a daughter of a smith.

Rintoo is more or less a local dialect form of Rinta (chest, breast, but in this context meaning something in front of something else).

The names above are in the Finnish form like the researcher in question wrote them. I added the HisKi links to the relevant birth dates.

:) Jaska

14-02-09, 00:55
That's wonderful! Maybe he could help solve the mystery of Jakob Sannasson Uitto's father and mother?
I would love to see a photo of the cottage! I hope he has it. I'd like to see the photo even if it is of the cottage belonging to another Uitto family just to see an axample.
Thank you so much for providing all these names and dates! One question though - on the HisKi link for Ulrika I don't see where the surname of Bergenfelt is entered. Is this something you found out from the researcher?
I have the names of Gustaf Malmberg and Margareta Ulvin, married on Nov. 11, 1786, that my ancestors are supposed to link back to but I didn't know through which family. Since you have come up with Susanna Johantytar Ulvinen I would guess it's through her. She was born in 1819, so I'm not too far away from completing the chain.
So this Finnish researcher - could he be related to me then also? Just a thought!


Jaska Sarell
14-02-09, 08:31
So this Finnish researcher - could he be related to me then also? Just a thought!
He said: "I think I have some scent of relationship with Otto".
He'll surely have more answers as soon as he gets his microfiches back.

:) Jaska

Jaska Sarell
22-02-09, 22:27

Matti, the researcher I mentioned, has verified that the photograph he has is indeed from the cottage where your ancestors lived.
He's got controversial details as to Jaakko's birthday. That's why he's not sure about his background, but will check them as soon as he gets his material back from loan. He doesn't remember by heart, if there are any living relatives still around.
Matti is a chairman of Eteläpohjalaiset Juuret ("South Ostrobothnian Roots") association (website (http://www.etelapohjalaiset-juuret.fi/)) and tells that they are going to employ a secretary to answer emigrant questions.
In the meantime I can handle the correspondence, as Matti says that he's not so fluent in English.
Please, send your email address to me, either by PM or to my email jaskas*sci.fi (note: forum software converts AT-sign to asterisk).

:) Jaska

26-02-09, 18:10

I have a number of questions for you or anyone else who can answer.

I went to the website of which Matti is the chairman, Eteläpohjalaiset Juuret, and used Google Translate to aid in my comprehension. In the archive section there is this: South Pohjalaiset Roots Foundation Archive and under a heading of genealogy I found this:
Nils Gustaf Malmberg genus, published in 1993
Nils Gustaf Malmbergin suku, julkaistu 2003 Nils Gustaf Malmberg genus, published in 2003
The name Gustav Malmberg has come up in the research of someone who contacted my sister with information that connected them through the Nortell side of the family; He determined our common relative to be Gustav Malmberg, b. 20 Oct. 1757 in Mustasaari; d. 25 Apr. 1809 in Ylistaro. On 21 Nov. 1786 he married his second wife Margareta Ulvin b. 4 Nov. 1765 in Isokyro; d. 4 May 1841 in Ylistaro. It is through this second wife that the lineage eventually gets to the Nortells, but I don't have enough information to figure out how.
Would the archive I mentioned have any background of Nils Gustaf Malmberg? Also, I thought I saw something on the website about subscribing - to newsletters perhaps? I realize they would be in Finnish but I could try to translate. These are questions for Matti I would guess.

Another question: I have read that in Sweden surnames were often taken from the farm where they worked/resided and that often unrelated people could have the same surname. Is this also true of Finland? I have seen christening and marriage records where the surname is not the same as the farm name, and others where no surname is listed except for the farm name. Do we then assume that the farm name is the surname? I can't decide if this makes research easier or more difficult!

And last: I've been told that when the name that would be patronymic is actually from the mother it means the baby was born out of wedlock. So is the surname then traced through the mother under the assumption that the baby's surname is her surname as well? I've also read that sometimes if the mother was from a family which was more important than the father's family that the "patronymic" name would follow the mother's name. How is this noted in the parish records, if at all? Doesn't this give current day researchers a big headache? :confused:

Getting confused,
Jeanne :(

Jaska Sarell
26-02-09, 22:27
Eteläpohjalaiset Juuret publishes four annual magazines with mostly old genealogical material, which is harder to research. Certainly valuable, if you find something of interest. Some of the back issues may be available, but I didn't find a list of availability. The indexes seem to be in PDF.
Matti will be in contact with you next week.

Someone may have a link to ready-made explanation about the surnames and farm names as used in Finland. I don't try to make my own :(

:) Jaska