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13-02-09, 12:38
Here is a link to a site which presents old pictures from Borgå and Pernå: http://www.helenius.net/. The language is mainly Swedish, but Peter Helenius, who's site it is writes that he will eventually translate the material to Finnish also.


22-02-09, 19:33
What a great site! My whole Finnish genealogical focus is Porvoo...so this is really awesome to see old pictures like this!

I am curious...do you or any of the people who run this site have any information on a Borga photographers "Natalia Linsen" and "A. Karell"? (see the enclosed photograph). I was wondering if it is possible to roughly date the photographs based on the photographer's logos...The photos are of Johanna Sofia Andersdotter (bottom right) and the children she had with August Isaksson Bergstrom. Anyway, thanks!!

22-02-09, 19:41
Duuurrr...Im obviously retarted, as I just found the information I am looking for on the site!!