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13-02-09, 18:55
I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I'm searching for information about my grandfather and his family from the Nykarleby region. The information we have is sparse, and not documented in some cases. I have compiled this much about him.
Generation #1: Abraham Isberg
Generation #2: Alexander Isberg born Sept 19, 1856 in Vaasa. Married Mary Gryan (B. Sweden)
Generation #3: Johennes Alexander Isberg B. May 01, 1885 Vaasa D. June 25, 1929, Portland Oregon, USA.
Jenny Isberg: was 10 years old in 1902
Paul Isberg: B. February 19, 1887, Vaasa D. September 19,
1960, Los Angeles, California USA.

Johennes (John) is found on the immigration records leaving Hanko, arriving in Liverpool, and then arriving in Nova Scotia in 1902. He is traveling with Jenny, and their destination is San Franciso, Calif. Jenny disappears after that entry.
Paul is found traveling that same route in 1913. He joined the military, and was a cook in San Diego, Calif. Johennes and Paul changed their last name from Isberg to Esberg.
Johennes married Emma Bready in 1910, I think in San Francisco, and they had three children. After John's death in 1929, Emma returned to her family in Colorado, remarried and all information was lost. There was no contact between Paul and Emma.
I have a picture from her album that could be Mary Gryan, Paul, Jenny, John and an older sister. I could post this.
How do I search for church or public records that could help me find any relatives? I also have a long article about students in a school in Vaasa in 1901-1902 that lists my grandfather as a student. Of course, it's in Finnish.
Any help would be very much appreciated.
Thank you,

June Pelo
14-02-09, 00:02
I have an Isberg family in my database, but they are from Iceland. I checked Talko and there are over 300 Isberg names listed, but I didn't find Abraham, Alexander, Johannes or Paul there. And HisKi didn't have anything on Isberg, either.

14-02-09, 11:41
From Hiski I found:
Korsholm - Mustasaari - christened
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child
18.9.1758 19.9.1758 Tölby Saltp.siud. Jacob Isberg Caren Jonasd:r Abram
15.7.1801 17.7.1801 Wasa Fredric Isberg Caisa Isaacsdr: 26 Abraham Fredric

Vaasa - Vasa - christened
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child
24.10.1811 26.10.1811 Tob: Spinn: Fredr: Isberg Brita Helena 29 Abr: Fredr:


14-02-09, 14:04
Hi Peggy
This is from Korsholm birthbook 1856-1858 :
Alexander born Sept 14 1856 in Tölby,christened Sept 19 1856:
Mother: Sailors widow Maria Isberg, no father mentioned.
Godparents: Zachris Borgar and wife Beata,boarder Jonas Buss and wife Ulrika, tenant farmers son Jonas Isaksson Backman and maid Ulla Sofia Winberg. Christened by the chaplain in Solf, Gallenius.
According to the birthrecord he family is to be found on page 260 in Korsholm communionbook 1850-1856 but unfortunately they are not found in this page.Have to search thru the records to find them.
The Isberg family name was originally found in Iskmo by in the 1700 and i guess these people are descendants from this line.I am also a descentant of the Isberg`s from Iskmo so perhaps we are distant cousins.Searching will continue.
Best regards

17-02-09, 20:56
Hi PeggyThis is what i found about your grandparents.We better start in Nykarleby as this is their last address before emigrating to US.Generation 1Abraham Abrahamsson Isberg b.September 14 1851 in Tölby, Korsholm moved to Nykarleby from Helsingfors, the capitol of Finland, in 1883, he moved from Vasa to Helsingfors March 5 1877.Abraham married April 27.1884 Kaisa Lena Larsdotter Åman b. November 25 1854 in Pedersöre( neigbhour parish to the town Jakobstad).They had children:1 Fanny Maria born out of wedlock July 2 1883 died March 15 1884. There is a note in the churcbook that say that Abraham Isberg is stated as father.2Johan Alexander b.May 1 18853 Fanny Maria b.Jan 28 18874 Onni Abraham b.June 22 1889 died Sept 7 18915 Jenny Katarina b.March 28 18926 Rudolf Nikolai b.Aug 13 1896 died Aug 31 18967 Paul Einar b.February 2 1898All the children were born in Nykarleby.Im not able to follow this family further because of the 100 year limit but if somebody has access to churchbook 1901-1910 the family is to be found on page 54.There is no gravestones in Nykarleby with name Isberg but there is a lot of older gravestones missing at the cemetery and many people had only a woodcross at that time.Johan and Jenny emigrated 1902 to California and when you look at the border crossing manifest you can see that they are going to their aunt Hanna Aman,she also paid the tickets.Must have been hard times as Abraham and Kajsa Lena let Johan and Jenny go by their selfves to Amerika.There is no churchrecords for Pedersöre at Vasa archive so i cant look up Kajsa Lenas parents and sister but we have some members from Pedersöre on Finlander so maybe someone has info, i think Kållby is the village to search for Åman.Sources: Nykarleby church book 1880-1889, 1890-1900,death book until 1906www.nykarlebyvyer.nu has a schoolpicture with Fanny Maria from 1899Generation 2Parents of Abraham Abrahamsson Isberg were: Sailor Abraham Isaksson Isberg/ Rodas b. December 5 1827 in Tölby.Korsholm died November 30 1853 and Maria Gustafsdotter Engman b.September 1 1824 in Södra Helsingby, Korsholm.They had children:1 Maria b.Aug 3 1849 no further info on her2 Abraham b.September 14 1851 moved to Helsingfors,then Nykarleby3 Alexander born out of wedlock Sept 14 1856 died Decmber 4 1870 in Vasa( note birthday is 14 christeningday is Sept 19)All children were born in Tölby but Maria lived in Vasa at the moment for the birth of Alexander, thats why record refered to page 260,meant page 260 in Vasa communionbook.Generation 2Parents of Maria Gustafsdotter Engman were Gustaf Ericsson Engman b.October 21 1802 in Södra Helsingby, Korsholm and Lovisa Jacobsdotter b.April 4 1798 in Solf.They had children:1 Gustaf b.August 15 18232 Maria b.September 1 18243 Anna Beata b.September 8 18254 Lovisa b.18285 Johannes b.June 21 1829 died 18336 Ulrica b.February 19 1830 died 1833All children were born in HelsingbyGeneration 3Parents of Abraham Isaksson Isberg/Rodas were farmer Isaac Andersson Rodas b.April 24 1795 in Tölby,Korsholm died Feb 27 1848 in Tölby and Anna Kristina Abrahamsdotter Ehn b.Feb 22 1797 in Tölby died Sept 11 1881 in Tölby.They were farmers at Borgar farm in TölbyThey had children:1 Isak b. November 21 1823********* used surname Borgar2 Anna Ulrika b.December 15 1825 used surname Rodas , moved to Solf 18573 Abraham b.Dec 5 1827************* used surname Isberg/ Rodas4 Carolina b.October 31 1829******* used surname Rodas died Nov 21 1879All children were born in TölbyGeneration 3Parents of Kristina Abrahamsdotter Ehn b.Feb 22 1797 were Abraham Eriksson Ehn b.Aug 6 1768 in Tölby died June 11 1840 in Tölby and Anna Israelsdotter Ehn b.October 18 1764 in Tölby died January 30 1808They had children:1 Abraham b.November 10 1795 died Sept 11 1833 in Tölby2 Anna Kristina b.February 22 1797 died September 11 1881 in Tölby3 Brita b.February 5 1799 died January 17 1801 in Tölby4 Johannes b.April 5 1802 died November 15 1856 in Karkmo,Korsholm used surname Hoppa5 Gustav b.January 13 1804 no further informatin6 Fredrik b.February 1 1805 died youngAll children were born in Tölby

17-02-09, 21:01
Getting confused about all these namechanges?This is how it was at that time ,often when people moved from af arm to another they also changed their surname. As you can see the Isberg surname is taken too , not the original Isberg farmname in Iskmo which i descend from so looks like we are not related.
Regards Christer

17-02-09, 21:06
Dont know why the Isberg part 1 came up on the screen like that,didnt write it like that. Hope you can read it anyway.

18-02-09, 17:08
Dear Christer, Christina and June:

I am sitting here absolutely stunned. When I saw this, I had to get a coffee refill just to settle down. I don't know how to thank you enough for what you have discovered about my grandfather and his family. I will probably be crying all day, this is so wonderful.
My grandfather commited suicide, and since my grandmother and family were Catholic, this was unforgiveable in those times. They buried him the next day without a headstone, and forgot that he existed. My mother loved him, and she kept his pictures, otherwise I would know nothing about him. I am so grateful to all of you...esp. Christer, for opening up his world for me. I have a cousin that feels the same, so this is going to make her very happy today.
Is there anything I can do for you? I'm so anxious to email this to my cousin......thank you...a thousand times. I just knew that I'd go to my grave not knowing.

Bless all of you.........Peggy

19-02-09, 21:34

I found Cajsa Lena's parents in my database. They lived in Dalabäck, Pedersöre. Her mother was from Esse, Wärnum willage.

Here is my information


20-02-09, 16:59
Dear Christian:
This is amazing. Finding you is a miracle. I was always led to believe that finding relatives in the Scandinavian countries is almost impossible. "They didn't have last names; they didn't keep records; the borders shifted frequently"....and I thought that it would never happen.
I am so glad that I found this site, and I will post what I believe to be Cajsa Aman Isberg's pictures. Perhaps someone will recognize them. And, my grandfather's. Perhaps someone in Finland wants to know what happened to him? Thanks to your being able to read the Aunt's name on the border crossing document, we have a lead on our search for Jenny. My cousin and I never knew that either Jenny or Paul existed until we started the search for John. Now, we have "family".
How can I repay you? This is so wonderful.
I found the picture of Fanny Isberg on the site you suggested, although I haven't decided which one is her. Doesn't matter.....the picture of those little girls is enough. One of them is my great aunt! There is also a list of male students at a school in Nykarleby dated 1901 that lists my grandfather. I would like parts of that translated some day, as I can make out "America" and I wondered what that meant.
Christian......thank you so much. I'm going to send this on to my cousin, who will be furiously typing this into her albums. We're all so excited.
Have a good day, and I will keep in touch with you.
Thank you.....thank you!

20-02-09, 17:49
Hello Peggy!

It's good to share my information with you. I enclose a picture from the Åman (Storsvedjeback) farm in Dalabäck from the beginning of the 1900-s. The man sitting to the right is Erik Andersson Åman (b. 1855) and he was second cousin of Cajsa Lena Larsdotter Åman.

This farm is regarded as the first settlement in the Dalabäck village. It is located ab 2 km away from the actual main settlement today. But there is still some houses there and even a couple living out there today too. This couple is not related to you, but one of your relative is still farming there, although he lives somewhere else.

I have a number of your relatives in my database. Many of them are my good friends and neighbours. I could send you a PM with a record of this.


20-02-09, 19:05
The names Gustaf Ericsson Engman and Lovisa Jacobsdotter sounded familar to me so I checked the Hiski database and found 2 additional children
1. Eric b. 11 June 1832.
3. Ulrica b. 4 Aug 1837. Died 1 October 1903. Married Johannes Carl-Johansson Järf b. 5 Jan 1843 in Karperö.
I visited Finland this past summer and have information on the descendants of Ulrica Gustafsdotter Engman that I would be willing to share in a private email.

21-02-09, 19:26
Hi Beverly....
As far as I know, my address is pbaczuk*aol.com
Please give me anything that you have.....I'm stunned with all this information about my Finnish relatives.
Thank you so much.

21-02-09, 19:27
Hi Christian...
I'd be thrilled to have pictures of the farm.....this is all very new to me. I never thought that I'd find any information about my grandfather and his family.
Thanks to you.....all of you!

21-02-09, 20:00
Hi Peggy
I found Kajsa Lena Åmans sister Johanna Åman,seems like she emigrated in 1896.
Her birtdate is August 10 1863. If you find her in Californien you might find Jenny Isberg too.

21-02-09, 20:13
Hi Peggy
I have also Fanny Maria Isberg married to Johannes William Kruth born 27 february 1887 in Nykarleby, died 6 april 1952 in Jakobstad.They have 5 children