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Karen K
14-02-09, 00:08
Am trying to help someone find where in Finland these people came from.

Mikko Hirvas Born about 1849 Came to U.S. 1882.. Possibly to Clatsop County Oregon. His wife Maria [Orala] came in 1883 She was born 1857. She brought with her their son John born 1879. . By 1895 the family was in Becker County, Mn. In 1900 census Mikko is listed as a widower. John is living with him. Still in Becker County. When and where did Maria die? Mikko died in Idaho in 1918.
Would also like to find out where in the U.S. the family's original destination was.

Thank you for any help, Karen K.

Karen Norwillo
14-02-09, 17:58
I found Maria and Johan's arrival in 1883. Says she and Johan were from Norway, but when they left from Göteborg, they were coming from Finland. The arrived Philadelphia 2 Jul 1883. Unfortunately, these early manifests tell you little. Also found Johan's WWI Draft Card in ID as well as Mikko's death in ID. He is listed as Mike Hivas. He died 19 Sep 1918 in Webb Ridge, Nez Perce, ID. Says born 29 Sep 1844. Idaho Death Index 1918-022346
I also found Mikko's Declaration of Intent and Final Papers for Naturalization.
Intent Reel 1 code 2 vol A pg 13 Wadena county, MN
Final Papers Reel 1 code 8 vol 1 pg 116 in Hubbard county. No images.
1895-1900-1910, Mikko in Becker county.
I tried the MN Death Index for Maria, but it doesn't go back that far. She would have died between 1895-1900. You could probably get that from Becker county.

Karen K
15-02-09, 20:06
Karen, Thank you for the info. I'm Passing it on and hopefully it will help turn up more... EVERYTHING helps !!!

Karen K.