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June Pelo
15-02-09, 18:34
Are you smarter than a 5th grader? Here are some questions asked in Grades 2-5.

Grade 2:
Incuding New Year's Day, how many days will pass until the next New Year's Day?

What is 309 rounded to the nearest hundred?

One quarter of an hour is how many minutes?

Grade 3:
What is another name for the Anasazi people who made homes out of rock in what is now the southwestern United States?

How many continents begin with the letter "A"?

Grade 4:
The force of attraction between any two objects is called what?
a- gravity
b- friction
c- fusion

Grade 5:
The word "bam" is an example of:
a- onomatopoeia
b- alliteration
c - personification

Cliff Dwellers or The Ancient Ones
Asia, Australia, Antarctica and Africa