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June Pelo
15-02-09, 19:29
I have another request from Finland for help finding info. about a relative. He writes that they lived in Winnebago, Illinois in 1930:
Johan Verner Bouman, b. 1900, Sweden. Wife: Manny? Children: Vera, Ruth and Robert. Johan/John's parents were Nils, b. 1856 and Maria, b. 1867 who were in the US 1920, not sure where. They also had daughters Ester Irene, b. 1903; Maria Linnea, b. 1907, d. 1970, Monterey, CA. She was in Vermont 1940-50. Married to Osterberg. He asked if there is a way to get an obituary for the Bouman family. I think it may be Bowman.

15-02-09, 20:38
If he was from Sweden I would suggest a Swedish name "Boman" for him.


June Pelo
16-02-09, 00:41
I was hoping there was a census record for the family. I think the census-taker probably spelled the name the way it sounded to him. Even if it was Boman or Bauman, it probably sounded like Bowman. I assumed that John's parents and children moved to the US some time before 1930 because John lived in Ill. at that time. Don't know if his parents also lived there.

Karen Norwillo
16-02-09, 02:14
Found the family's arrival 29 Oct 1913 to Boston. Spelling here Boman. Sweden's Emigranten gives place in Sweden as Njurunda, Västernoorland Län. Nils is 57, Maria 46, Verner 13, Ester 10 and Maria 6. They are bound for Manchester, NH. I found them there in 1920. Nils is a carpenter. Johan Verner is not at home. Maria Linnea is listed as Linnia. I found John in 1930 in Winnebago, IL. Wife is listed on Ancestry as Nanny. Vera born MI and Ruth in NH. Robert not born yet. Here spellin Bowman.
Nils Nilsson Boman is how he's found on Swedish Emigranten, so I would think that's a correct spelling.
I'll post more later. Karen

Karen Norwillo
16-02-09, 15:01
Here's more info. I found John Boman in 1920 in Detroit with a brother Nels and his family.Maybe explains why his first child born in MI. Maybe that's where he met and married Nanny. Father Nels must have been married previously. Nels ( Jonas Nels Boman) born 8 Apr 1884 in Sweden. Came to US in 1903. Children in 1930, Jennie 22 and Carl 20, both born in NH. Found Fred A Osterberg and Linnea in Barre, VT in 1930. Linnea M Osterberg 17 Sep 1907 in Sweden, died 10 May 1970 in Pacific Grove, Monterey, CA. CA Death Index. Found Nels and Mary Bowman in the 1920 Manchester City Directory at 256 Smyth Rd. He is a shoeworker. Also found Nanny Boman on a passenger list in 1953 returning from Sweden to Rockford, IL. So John Verner and Nanny were still in IL in the 50's. Looks like they used both Boman and Bowman. Will have to post in two pages.

Karen Norwillo
16-02-09, 15:05
More images. Haven't found births and deaths for many yet. Will do more searches. Karen

Karen Norwillo
16-02-09, 19:43
New. From SSDI
A John Bowman born 19 Jun 1899, died Dec 1970 in Rockport, Winnebago, IL
Frederick Osterberg 18 Sep 1903, died Sep 1965 in AZ, SS issued VT.
J N Boman 1884 from Njurunda, Västernorrland, Sweden arrived 3 Jun 1903 to Boston. This must be Jonas Nels.
Found a pic of the church in Njurunda online. Says a tiny village in Sundsvall, Västernorrland län.
No luck with Robert Boman/Bowman or Ester Irene. Hard to trace Vera and Ruth.
With a first name of Nanny, is that a given Swedish girl's name or short for something else?

16-02-09, 21:19
June and Karen
I found this:
Nils Nilsson Boman born 15 Sept. 1856 in Vännäs.
Wife: Anna Albertina Gidlund born 8 Jan. 1859 in Vännäs. Died 17 Mars 1899 in Alnö.
Jonas Nikanor born 8 April 1884 in Skönsmon.
Karl Henrik born 18 Jun. 1886 in Skönsmon.
Signe Viktoria born 28 April 1889 in Skönsmon.
Anna Paulina born 10 Nov. 1891 in Skönsmon.

Maria Mattsdotter born 2 Maj 1867 from Töjby, Korsnäs, Finland gave birth to Johan Verner 17 Sept 1900 in Alnö.
Father was unknown.
Could this be what you are looking for?

June Pelo
17-02-09, 01:42

Yes, I have part of it, but not all of it. Thank you. I'll send it on to Finland.

They are also interested in any newspaper articles or obituary on this family.

June Pelo
17-02-09, 01:52
Thank you, Karen with an "e": I'm still sending "stuff" to Erik. He'll be busy for quite a while reading what you and Karin with an "i" have found!

June Pelo
17-02-09, 02:16

I think Nanny is a given name. I know a woman here named Nanna.

Karen Norwillo
17-02-09, 14:56
I found the arrival of Jonas Nikanor, same as the JN on the Swedish Emigranten. So Father was married twice.The Nikanor threw me. If the death I found in Rockford is Johan, then the dates of birth don't match with the one Karin found for him. Or maybe it's not him. Karen

June Pelo
17-02-09, 17:13

Ingemar found something about the family and I see Jonas Nikanor there. So Nils was married twice:

On the CD Emibas I found the family, with parents and siblings that emigrated 17 Oct 1913
Boman Nilsson, Nils
Torpare (gift man)
f. 1856
Utvandrad 17/10 1913
från Berga Nr.6, Njurunda, Västernorrlands län (Medelpad)
till USA
Källa: Husförhörslängd, s. 66
Emibas emigrationsakt: Njurunda Y 1913 046
Together with the wife and children
Boman Ulfvens, Maria Hustru (gift kvinna) f. 1867
Boman, John Verner Son (ogift man)f. 1900
Boman, Ester Irene Dotter (ogift kvinna) f. 1903
Boman, Maria Linnea Dotter (ogift kvinna) f. 1907
On the CD of the Swedish population 1900
Nils Nilson Boman is recorded as widow and had following children
First the father:
Nilsson Boman, Nils
f. 1856 i Vännäs (Västerbottens län, Västerbotten)
Änkling, far i familjen
Strands ångsåg
Alnö (Västernorrlands län, Medelpad)
and the children were all born in Skönsmon :
(Barn), Jonas Nikanor b 8 Apr 1884 (He emigrated to USA 17 May 1903)
(Barn), Karl Henrik b 18 Jun 1886 (He emigrated to USA 13 May 1904)
(Barn), Signe Viktoria b 28 Apr 1889 (She emigrated to USA 15 Sep 1905)
(Barn), Anna Paulina b 10 Nov 1891 (She emigrated to USA 18 Sep 1908)
On the CD of the Swedish poulation 1890 lived his wife (first wife)

Gidlund, Anna Albertina
f. 1859 i Arnäs (Västernorrlands län, Ångermanland)
Gift kvinna,
Kubikenborg Ångsåg Skön (Västernorrlands län, Medelpad)

18-02-09, 10:35
Nils Nilsson Boman married Maria Ulfvens Mattsdotter 6 Jan. 1903. She was divorced and he was a widower according to the SCB extract. Her birtdate was April 24 1867.
The Maria Mattsdotter who gave birth to Johan Verner 17 Sept. 1900 in Alnö was born 2 Maj 1867 and not married. Could there be two Maria Mattsdotter from Töjby, Korsnäs?
Ester Irene was born 5 Feb. 1903 and Maria Linnea was born 17 Sept. 1907 in Njurunda.
I did not find a Johan Verner born in Njurunda in 1900.

Karen Norwillo
18-02-09, 14:26
If the death record I found was John Verner's, it says he was born 19 Jun 1899, not 1900.

June Pelo
18-02-09, 17:11
Thank you both. I sent the info. to Erik in Finland.