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June Pelo
04-12-03, 00:22
Norden newspaper, 27 Nov 2003, has a query from Elof Sänkas who is seeking information on the Levin family. He wrote that their mother Ellen Kamb-Levin was active in the Runeberg Order and she also wrote many articles for Norden during the 1940s-50s. She also was a friend of Elise Mannberg who was the editor of Norden.

Family members are Erik Bernard Levin, b. 30 Jan 1944; Bernella Saranna Levin, b. 1942; Bernard Levin, b. 1 Jul 1905 who was married to Ellen Senkas-Kamb, b. 8 May 1905, died 8 Feb 1959. After Ellen's death Bernard married Ruth Grönlund. The last known address for the Levin family in 1958 was 308 Oxford St., San Francisco 24, CA. Anyone with information is asked to contact Mr. Sänkas:

Elof Sänkas
Vasavägen 782
64110 Yttermark, Finland
e-mail: elof.senkas%40hotmail.com
Fax: 06-2256-449
Telephone: 06-2256-444
GSM: 0400-369780

Nordon published a photo of the family.