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17-02-09, 00:32
Thanks for this forum.

My grandfather Frank William Soderman was born 27.9.1890 in Yttermalax on Malm #18 [/b]]>]Johan Johansson Soderman (7.4.1850) & Anna Sofia Johan-Eriksdotter Malm (6.4.18...]]>

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03-04-09, 17:56
I'm not sure if this helps and if we can find a link but I am trying to find some more information about the Sodermans in my family. I was once told to always post information, even if it didnt seem relevant, because it may help others and also help to narrow searches down.
So here goes.

My great aunt was Anna Vilhelmina Soderman born 25 March 1877 died 23 December 1939.

Her parents were Karl Kristian Soderman and Vilhelmina Asplund.

Sadly, this is all the information I know. Do any of these names mean anything to you by any chance?
Many thanks