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04-12-03, 08:39
Do anyone have information about these.
På uppdrag av Birgit Dahlbacka i Munsala, söker jag information om följande personer.

Farfar hette Leander Andersson Dahlbacka f.1870-02-24 i Evijärvi kom till Ellis Island 1904-05-27 sedan har vi ett foto från Everett Wash.där han är tillsammans med sin äldsta son Aleksi Dahlback f.1891-12-17 i Evijärvi kom till Ellis Island 1910-10-17 och skulle då till sin far i Everett han kom tydligen fram eftersom han finns på fotot, sedan är han helt försvunnen. Leander dog 1939-09-07 i Rochester Minnesota enligt ett brev som kom till Evijärvi från hans nya fru (brevet finns inte kvar, antagligen skrivet på finska eftersom sonen förstod vad som skrivits)Leanders fru Lisa levde i Evijärvi till 1950-talet.

Do anyone have information about Leander Andersson Dahlbacka b. 1870-02-24 in Evijärvi Finland arrived to Ellis Island 1904-05-27, lived in Everett. His oldest son Aleksi Dahlback b. 1891-12-17 in Evijärvi Finland and arrived to Ellis Island 1910-10-17. Leander d. 1939-09-07 Rochester Minnesota.

Henrik Mangs

09-12-03, 08:28
Hi Henrik,

On the Heritage Quest CD Scandinavians in the 1910 US Federal Census I found the following.
DAHLBACK Leander age 39 born Finland in WA state,
Snohomish County, Oso PCT, T624-Roll 1669 Part 1 Page 50 Subpage B.

You will need to have a lookup in the actual census records for full details.

Hope this is of some help.


09-12-03, 22:25
Originally posted by jeanette
On the Heritage Quest CD Scandinavians in the 1910 US Federal Census I found the following.
DAHLBACK Leander age 39 born Finland in WA state,
Snohomish County, Oso PCT, T624-Roll 1669 Part 1 Page 50 Subpage B.

Yes it is right Leander.

Hov is it possible tu go forward and finde out if he is living wiyh the next US Federal Census


09-12-03, 23:51
Hi Henrik,
I saw where Leander is located in the 1910 census, as Jeanette mentioned. He is listed as a Boarder but is also shown as being married.

I only quickly checked the 1920 census for the same location (only 12 pages) but he did not appear there.

I will check further for you in the 1920 census a little later. I have a subscription to Genealogy.com and not all of their 1920 census records are indexed. Hopefully I will get lucky. Otherwise, maybe someone else monitoring the Forum who has access to Ancestry.com will be able to find him more easily.

I'll be back,

10-12-03, 04:26
Hi Henrik,
I tried the index on genealogy.com but unfortunately Leander doesn't show up there. Ancestry.com has a much better index on the 1920 and 1930 census. Hopefully someone who has access to ancestry.com will be able to find him for you!


Karen Norwillo
10-12-03, 17:32
Henrik, I did a quick check of Ancestry.com, but didn't find him indexed in the 1920 or 1930 census. I checked under "exact" and "soundex" spellings. I checked under all states and under Washington state. I'll try looking more closely. Karen

11-12-03, 01:07
I searched for Leander using both the name Andersson and Dahlbacka in the event he had decided to change his name but still nobody to be found.
Everett, WA church microfilms searched:
PNW 54 Bethel Baptist
PNW 7 Trinity Lutheran
PNW 6 First Covenant
PNW 5 Zion Lutheran

Chuck Mäki

16-01-04, 09:17
Hi Henrik,

Were you aware of the following Minnesota Death Index site

I had an idea that if I could find the county in Minnesota where Leander died people with the 1920 or 1930 census may be able to more easily find him. Unfortunately I wasn't able to locate Leander Dahlback on the Minnesota site at all. There were 4 Leander Anderson listed
the closest date to your's was 30 July 1940 in St Louis
County.There were no given name containing Lean deaths in Sep 1939 I also checked Lae.

Is it be possible that the Rochester you mentioned wasn't Minnesota but rather the Rochester in Thurston County WA?

Looking for ways to help you move forward with your search.

Best wishes,

16-01-04, 18:53
Dear Henrik,
Dick Erickson, who collected most of the available information on Rochester WA Swedish Finns, mentioned he ran across a Lee Anderson there. Could Leander have changed his name? Why not email Dick, a Finlander member, and ask.

16-01-04, 19:01
I will contact him.
Thank You

16-01-04, 19:51
Henrik - my grandfather, Matts Vilhelm Backlund, is listed in your database. I would like to know if we are related. Please contact me. Thank you!

16-01-04, 23:01
I checked microfilms PNW 3 and PNW 4, both lutheran churches and the result of mergers, etc.
No Anderson, Dahlbacka, or Dahlback named Leander [or close approximation] or Aleksi were found there. Ministerial acts [funerals, etc] did not extend beyond 1945 so nothing was learned there.

17-01-04, 07:36
this is the closest i could find regarding Leander
at ancestry.com let me know if you need a copy...

.................................................. .............................
the name lebach/k? is a possibility for him.census image fair handwritng very difficult..

"name of dahlback take off the dah, and lback is left Lebach/k ??"

Roll: T625_1932 Page: 4A ED: 170 Image: 0855

Leander Lebach W M Widow Age: 50 years Estimated birth year: 1869
Birthplace: Finland Race: White Home in 1920: Chinook, Pacific, Washington
b. finland spoke swedish "father mother both b. finland swedish mother tounge"
imm 1891 nat 1896? occ. fisherman salmon industry
Vernoin L. ?sp? son W M S age 18 b. washington. mother b. Oregon. occ., fisherman
Charles V. son W S M age 14 b. washington mother b. Oregon
Melvin M. son W S M age 10 b. washington mother b. Oregon

good hunting Kiovaa:)

Hasse Andtbacka
17-01-04, 07:59
This is my mother's grandfather's brother Leander Leback, born as Leander Libäck in Kronoby, Finland. I have met his grandson Warren G. Leback, retired harbor captain in New York.

Hasse Andtbacka

17-01-04, 08:00
Dahlbacka, Leander,
described as Russian/Polish but that's an error.
Arrived May 27, 1904
Age: 34
Ship was Pretoria out of Hamburg.
Last residence Evijarvi with destination Brooklyn

Aleksi Dahlback [he has dropped the final "a"]
Described as Finnish
Arrived June 17, 1910
Age: 18 which puts his birthyear as 1892
Ship was Mauretania out of Liverpool.
Last residence Evijarvi, Finland
Ticket paid for by "father Leander Dahlback",
2615 Chestnut St, Everett, Washington.


17-01-04, 08:22
1920 United States Federal Census

Leander Anderson Age: 48 years Estimated birth year: 1871
Birthplace: Finland Race: White age 48 imm. 1893? nat. 1841? b. finn father & mother b. finland swedish speaking
occupation planer %40 mill
Sadie wife W F age 37 b. wisconsin father b. norway mother b. Norway
Reva dau. W F S age 1 b. washington father finland, mother norway
Home in 1920: Spokane, Spokane, Washington
bridgeport ave # 108
Roll: T625_1942 P
age: 5A ED: 245
Image: 0108

17-01-04, 08:29
Originally posted by kiovaa
this is the closest i could find regarding Leander
at ancestry.com let me know if you need a copy...

.................................................. .............................
ahhhhhh well it was a possible!:D