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04-12-03, 11:05
From the statistics log I can see that the following researchers are the "top ten" users of the Talko database.

Tommy Ånäs
Anders Enges
Henrik Mangs
June Pelo
Leo Furu
Anders Eriksen
Don Forsman
Göran Cainberg
Bert Lindvall
Jaska Sarell

What is your verdict? Have you got your own material verified by others? Have you found new angles to your own research? Errors in your own or others material? In your opinion - how should (obvious) errors in the material and additions to the material be reported?

04-12-03, 15:06

I have found or verified a lot of ancestors. The most interesing thing is that I have found out that I am multiple Caino descendant. I have known for a long time that my father is a descendant to Caino in Vetil, but I recently found out that my mother, who is from Helsinki, is also a Caino descendant. This was only possible through Talko (and quite a lot of help from SukuRaitti (http://www.sukujutut.fi/haku/default.asp) ).
I have ordered the Cino-Torp book and got it today.

Other than Tommy's database, I have found that Henrik Mangs and Görand Berglund have lots of my ancestors.

One problem is that I don't where I should put any comments i the Forum. There are tree distinct types of comments:

Should they be put in the main Talko thread, or should I start new thread under talko?

/anders enges

04-12-03, 21:54
Originally posted by enges

One problem is that I don't where I should put any comments i the Forum. There are tree distinct types of comments:

Should they be put in the main Talko thread, or should I start new thread under talko?

Now there is a separate section for feedback!

Margaret Rader
04-12-03, 21:59
I have verified several ancestors through Talko. My favorite find is finding father and grandfather of my ancestor Bengt Andersson Sten who died in Malax in 4 May 1794. Ulla Höglund's collection and Gören Bergland (New) Tree have this family in Sarvijoki, Laihela. According to Gören Bergland's tree, Bengt Olofsson Pålack was "nybyggare på Polakka i Laihela, upptaget på en gammal torpplats i skogen. (Laihlea hist.11.)" I know the first part of this means he was settler at Polakka but I'm not sure what the second part means.
From Bengt Olofsson's date of death, 24 Feb 1714, and that of two of his sons, Johan Bengtsson and Samuel Bengtsson, both died 19 Feb 1714, they all died during or just after the Battle of Napue. There is an article in the April 1998 SFHS quarterly about this battle, "considered one of the darkest moments in Ostrobothnia's history."
Bengt Andersson Sten's father was Anders Bengtsson Pålack, son of Bengt Olofsson. According to information sent to me earlier by Margaretha Lindholm, Bengt Andersson's son Anders Bengtsson Sten-Granholm was "Nybyggare på Granholm i Malax" and his father must have joined him in Malax where he died 4 May 1794.
I'm very pleased to have this information that takes this family back to 1650 when Bengt Olofsson was born. And please let me know if I'm making errors.

Margaret Holm Rader

June Pelo
04-12-03, 22:18
Yes, I found Leo Furu, a new cousin, and we have been exchanging data. I have also found new bits of data from other data of members such as Tommy Ånäs, Jaska Sarell and Göran Cainberg. And I have also noticed that not all data agrees. So whose data is correct??? No way to find out. I have also noticed that some data in other GedComs came from my own database - and I can't vouch that all my data is 100% correct because I know it isn't. But I'm willing to correct it when I find errors. I keep thinking I'll send in an updated GedCom but with Christmas so close, I'm not spending as much time on genealogy as I'd like.

I recently was informed of a discrepancy in the data of Gabriel Olofsson Torp, 1609-1697. The Caino-Torp book shows only 2 marriages for him but many people believe he was married 3 times; had 1 child in the first marriage and the rest of the children were born in his second marriage. There isn't any way to verify data from those old records, but I've made notes to this effect in my database. I have gone through the Caino-Torp book for the Committee and informed them of errors I found. I believe they have also been conducting their own search for errors and perhaps may publish a list. So keep that in mind when using data from the book - there are some errors. I've always maintained that when we get back more than 6-7 generations we may all find links to Caino-Torp.


05-12-03, 21:04
It seems I'm no.1 in the statistics and I think the database is great. I've found a lot of new ancestors and been able to correct some errors.
One thing, Hasse , would it be possible to include a number after the submitted individual telling how many ancestors the individual has ? This could be helpfull, in some cases, when you get a lot of "hits" and with a slow connection you then don't have to look through them all. Anyways I'll get me a faster connection and then I don't mind. I'm still going to spend a lot of time with TALKO not only to keep my position.
Thanks' to all contributors

June Pelo
05-12-03, 21:31

One thing I forgot to mention: Is there some way to identify the records we look at when we are searching for someone? Sometimes there will be data submitted on the same person by 3-4 members and I usually check them all out, but then I forget who submitted the data on the record I'm looking at. There is no identifying name of the submitter appearing on that record. If I want to use that data in my files, I want to be able to indicate the name of the submitter as a source.


07-12-03, 05:44
I've been laying low lately but have used Talko extensively in the past. I've found it beneficial in adding a few generations here and there. Also I've added siblings to some families. That's a task I have ear-marked for "one of these days". I also find it interesting to learn who in Talko that I'm related to.

It has probably been most beneficial in doing specific searches. As my Liminka ancestors are rather challenging, I can do a search of Talko for any ancestor born in Liminka. I also do the same with just a portion of a name. It has been very handy.

I have noticed a few discrepancies here and there but wasn't sure what an appropriate reaction would be.

Hope more people continue to sign on (and participate) in the Forum as it is definitely a unique resource! :)

Alf Blomqvist
07-12-03, 08:08
I tried to start a discussion about the need of a (sure) source for every information. I did not succeed! Why?!

My opinion is that every information should have a source and after that if possible checked and confirmed from the original source (= church books).

A-M Löfdahl
08-12-03, 22:54
I agree with you, Alf


Jaska Sarell
18-12-03, 22:32
Hi all!

It seems I've been busy enough to get the 10th position :-)

I have found many links especially in Terjärv to those I have researched in Esse. As I try to get almost all Esse folks from a certain period of time to my database, links cross the parish borders will be extremely useful. Results will hopefully be seen in updated submissions.

Hasse, this is great!

:) Jaska

June Pelo
18-12-03, 23:40
I'm flattered to be included in the top ten, 9 of them being men!!!