View Full Version : Söderman, Maria, Johanna,Katarina and Edla.

Charlotte Söder
01-03-09, 15:58

I´m trying to find out what happened to these sisters:

Maria Mattsdotter Söderman. Born 1877-07-22. Moved 1902 from Pörtom to Karis.

Johanna Mattsdotter Söderman. Born 1878-12-23 in Pörtom. Moved with her son (Berndt Sanfrid Born 1901-03-28) 1902 från Pörtom till Vasa.

Katarina Mattsdotter Söderman. Born 1882-10-10 in Pörtom. Dead 1960-08-08.
Moved with her daughter (Linda Sofia born 1910-04-16 in Pörtom) 1910 from Pörtom to Karis.
Married 1912-12-31 in Karis with: Viktor Edvin Forsman Born 1864-10-15, dead 1945-04-02.

Edla Mattsdotter Söderman. Born 1884-11-09 in Pörtom. Moved 1900 from Pörtom to Karis.

Now I wonder if they stayed in Karis and Vasa or if they moved on. Maybe to America.

I would be most grateful if somebody could help me to find these sisters.
They are my fathers aunts, and it would be nice to know if my father had any more cousins.