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01-03-09, 19:19
I think it, in English, refers to the end of a lane and I'd somehow associated a structure with that so if anybody knows this Finnish surname, please let us know the translation...I've tried google but it's not so common as to be listed there.

02-03-09, 09:44
I'm not sure of structures, but a literal translation would be the mouth of the alley / lane / path... perhaps it is a wide place at the beginning of a trail. That would be a nice place for a structure.

Of course, I could be all wet.

I have friends with the surname Kujala.

Good luck with your quest.

Jaska Sarell
02-03-09, 10:46
A more common name Joensuu means mouth of the river. Imagine how that applies to an alley. A place at the far end could be called Kujanpää.

Not so uncommon according to Population Register surname search (

:) Jaska

02-03-09, 15:57
thanks Ilmari and Jaska :)