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04-12-03, 16:30
I don't usually pass on this type of item on but since there are so many people out
there looking for photos of their families , I am submitting this information.
There is a seller on Ebay that has an old Finnish family photo album. This is the information
from his posting:
Vintage Photos - Monessen, PA
Wonderful old photos of people and places in Monessen, Pennsylvania in the early 1900s.
People pictured are Mr. and Mrs. Mihtala, Mrs. Wiljakainen, Mrs. Ross, Lilja,
Mr. Saxberg, Vi, Mrs. W., Walfred Saxberg, Mrs. H.M. Wirth, Mrs. Annala,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Palomaki, Niles and Vi, Ernie Rose, Rutledge,
Mrs. Lucas and others from Detroit, Fairport Ohio, and Conniaut, Ohio.
Places pictured are the Tin Plate Mill, Donora Bridge,
Statue of Liberty in memory of Monessen heroes, 445 Motheral Ave. in Monessen,
626 Summit Ave. in Monessen, Donora Road, Water Reservoir, and Third Street Bridge.
There is also a newspaper clipping written in Finnish.
Email me at home and I can send the link to those that may be interested in it.The bidding
ends today. I hope that someone can find a family member listed.
Alicia Marshall

June Pelo
04-12-03, 22:32
I just wanted to comment that some of the Finns who were on the Titanic were headed for Monessen - probably to work in the mines there.

Here are some interesting Titanic websites:

This one is about the Finns:


05-08-04, 11:16
Another excellent fully searchable Titanic Site is Encyclopedia Titanica

An index of all Finnish born people can be found at

Each person has details of last place of residence,destination and in many cases much more.

An excellent map of Southhampton is also accessible.