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June Pelo
11-03-09, 20:17
I don't have much info, but wondered if anything can be found about the following:

Henrik Fredriksson Friis, b. 18 Jul 1875 in Haapajärvi. Arrived in New York 10 Mar 1909 on the Oceanic. After that contact was lost.

I noticed two of his sisters immigrated:
Anna, b. 28 Jan 1882, to US 18 Mar 1901
Aili Maria, b. 3 Aug 1884, to US 10 Mar 1903

Karen Norwillo
12-03-09, 15:21
I found Henrik's arrival, under Heikki. Says wife Lydia in Haapajärvi. He's going to San Francisco. Also found Aili's arrival in 1903. Says going to sister Anna Freese in Mass. Can't read name of town. Found Anna in the CA Death Index. Anna Kristina Peterson, born Friis, 28 Jan 1882 other country, 11 Jan 1951 San Francisco county, CA. Mmn: Herranen. Aili's manifest is under Frus on Ancestry. They often mistake the double "i" as a "u"

June Pelo
12-03-09, 15:47
Thanks, Karen. I'll send it on to Finland. She said that Aili married in Gloucester, MA, so maybe that's the name you saw.

As for Henrik, they never heard from him again and don't know what happened to him. He was declared dead in 1945. He left 5 children in Finland from two marriages.

Karen Norwillo
12-03-09, 18:30
I found the marriage of Fredrik Wilh: Friis and Johanna Mattsdtr Herrala 29.9.1861 in Haapajärvi, so the Herranen, I guess, should be Herrala on Anna's death record. Looks like Heikki didn't want to be found. I tried Fredrickson, but nothing that looks promising.

June Pelo
12-03-09, 19:02
Thanks, Karen. Yes, I think the family also agrees that Heikki didn't want to be found. Looks like he went to San Francisco, and I notice his sister Anna Kristina died there - wonder if they had contact. Otherwise it would seem to be unusual for her to travel from Finland to SF unless she knew someone there. Guess we'll never know.