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17-03-09, 02:09
To all my great Finnish detective friends, I need help for a member of the forum. She's having problems with tracking the villages of her Finnish relatives.
I have tried the LSD site in Utah and had no luck. Maybe someone here could help.
Name is Antti Korppari

born Feb. 1, 1783 in Finland
Died Sept. 29, 1852
married Maria ?
Maria born Oct.21,1792 in Finland she died on June 5, 1863
children- Anders Korppari-born August 29, 1814 and died March13 1878
Lisa Korppari-born-October 10, 1818 in Finland
Johan Korppari-born-October 9, 1821-died May 8, 1886

This last name might be spelled wrong or it could be a farm name. She received all infor from relative in the U.S.A It was probably from a family bible
Really hope some one can help.

Karen Norwillo
17-03-09, 15:00
On Hiski, Korpi village, Vihanti parish is the family.
Anders Jöransson Alakangas married Maria Henricsdotter Lehtola on 12.12.1813.
Birth of Anders 29.08.1814, Elisabeth (Lisa) 10.10.1818 and Johannes 09.10.1821 confirmed.
So Korpi was the village name.

18-03-09, 03:11
Thanks so much Karen-You are good at this detective work. I was lost with knowing where to look I forgot about the Histori site, everytime I've tried that site in past never had any luck.
Is there anything else about this family that can be found.
How about relatives before Anders(His family is it possible to get a computer read out on his genealogy?

His son below
johannes came to U.S.A but we have no dates or ports of landing.
He is suppose to have changed his name to Wick.

Do you have a idea where to find map of the Village-Korpi?
Thanks again
This is exciting finding lost info on people.
Take care

18-03-09, 06:31
You can try this.

Just put Korpi in the first search box and Vihanti in the second box.


There is a choice for English at the bottom.

Once you find a place, you can see it on a map and you can get a satellite image. Click + or - to get in closer. You can also just click on the place and eventually it will change from a map to an aerial image [not sure if this is really satellite, probably aircraft].

19-03-09, 00:01
Thanks Kivinen1 for the web site. I checked it out it was awesome. I loved the aerial image pics. I suggest this site for everyone to use if looking for locations .
Thanks again

Karen Norwillo
19-03-09, 17:19
Here are three more births for Anders Jöransson and Maria Henricsdotter in Vihanti, Korpi farm:8.4.1824 Maria, 24.10.1831 Margaretha, 12.10.1835 Eva Caisa.
Maria's parents marriage:
8.12.1774 Corpi village, Henrich Zachrisson Hyvärinen and Maria Henrichsdotter Leehtola. It looks like Henric took the Lehtola name.
Siblings for Maria Henricsdotter Lehtola
20.8.1775 Helena, 22.4.1781 Margareta, 4.3.1784 Sophia, 12.10.1786 Henric,
20.10.1789 Sara and then 21.10.1792 Maria.
I still have been unable to find the birth place of Anders Jöransson Alakangas.

Karen Norwillo
19-03-09, 19:39
I found the church book images for some of the family in Vihanti on FFHA. Found the marriage of Anders and Maria, the Lehtola family 1808-1822, the births of Johannes, Elisabet, Anders, and Eva Caisa. Maria's was too light in 1824 and I couldn't find 1831 October births. I also found a birth for Anders Jöransson Alakangas 1 Feb 1783, he was on a farm in 1808-1822 Household Rolls.

Karen Norwillo
19-03-09, 19:42
Here's the rest. Still doesn't tell us where Anders Jöransson Alakangas was born. There are alot of Alakangas in neighboring parishes on Hiski, but I couldn't find him. Maybe now with a birth date, I can.

Karen Norwillo
20-03-09, 15:03
Using the birth date for that Anders Jöransson Alakangas found in 1808-1822, I found just one birth on Hiski that matches. This doesn't mean that this is the correct one, just the only one found. Born 1.2.1783 in Kalajoki to Jöran Pehrsson Merenoja and Lisa Johansdotter, Andreas. Kalajoki is in North Ostrobothnia as is Vihanti. If this is the correct man, somewhere along the years, he took the Alakangas name. I have searched all the places surrounding Vihanti and this is the only one I found. I wish I could find the family in a Household Roll in later years after Anders and Maria marry. That would help as they usually give birth dates.

Karen Norwillo
20-03-09, 16:08
I found the family in the next several Household Vihanti rippikirja. They lived on the Qvick farm and are found on FFHA under Ilveskorpi By Toppare och Backstuguhjon, which I think means he was a crofter with a cottage and small piece of land for farming. You will see the addition of another daughter Anna 26.09.1827, so there were 7 children. You'll see some of the grown children and families on later images. Anders Jöransson Alakangas died 29.09.1852, image attached. I tried to crop and improve the images as possible. I'll have to do in 2 posts.

Karen Norwillo
20-03-09, 16:12
Rest of images. I did the second part of the pages because they have notations about the persons. The notes on the pages match the persons on that line on previos page. Notes on where they moved or died etc. You'll see wives and children for Johan and Anders and two children for Anna, no husband listed. You may need to get some help with the notes on the last image. My Swedish isn't that good.

Karen Norwillo
20-03-09, 19:16
It would appear that the birth I found for Anders Jöransson is the correct one. I found his family in Vihanti in 1794-1807. His mother Lisa Johansdotter is a widow. He has siblings, Johan Jöransson 28.1.1787, Anna Jöransdotter 24.1.1789, Lisa Jöransdotter 4.1.1794 and Jeremias Jöransson 5.8.1796. Jöran Pehrsson Alakangas died 30 Jan 1798 in Allbua, Vihanti, he was buried 2 Feb. So the names of the parents in that Kalajoki birth fit. Jöran must have moved into Vihanti at some point and took the Alakangas name. So now you have the complete families.

Karen Norwillo
20-03-09, 20:50
I found 4 more births for Jöran Pehrsson and Lisa (Elisabet) Johansdotter in Kalajoki. 19.8.1777 Margareta, 10.1.1779 Elisabet, 16.12.1780 Britha and 6.1.1785 Petrus (Pehr) All at Merenoja farm.
If you follow this address, it will take you to someones genealogy info for this family. http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~myfinnishancestors/p0000001.htm If it doesn't work, just google Merenoja and it will show up on the choices.

21-03-09, 01:20
Thanks Karen
I have lots to read and figuire out this weekend. It all makes sense to me what yo have found. I'll put on paper to see it clearer in my mine
What can I do to make the images down load to regular size. I keep getting th e size that on your post. Really hard to read them this way. I must be doing something wrong.

21-03-09, 14:12
Damn that is a great site, Kivinen!! I have had trouble finding a good Finnish map site that has a large amount of placenames. Google maps just doesn't cut it. Thanks man!

And good luck with the search, flicka. By the way, here are the sites Karen is using. HisKi is a database of transcribed parish records, and FFHA (SSHY) is a database of communion record images (along with the occasional birth, death, moving, and childhood communion records). It doesn't sound like you knew much about these sites, and if you do, forgive me for assuming you didnt.




21-03-09, 15:01
Hi Rob
I knew about the Histori site but not the other. And Histori never had any luck finding what I needed in the past.
Thats why I asked for help because I knew people here know what their doing and are great about helping still a rooky at the research stuff(LOL).
Karen has helped lots of people I was glad to see her respond.
The other members also have helped me trace my family very quickly.
I also love to see that map site what a great find, sure can use that in my searching in Finland.
Take care

Karen Norwillo
21-03-09, 15:12
If you save the images to your computer, you can enlarge them. You are clicking on them twice, aren't you? If you click once, they enlarge, but if you click again some will get even larger. I found if I tried to make them too big, they blurr. I did these by cropping and then enlarging to a readable size without blurring. If you just print from the site, they will be small. You have to save and manipulate and then print. Hope this helps. Did you check out that site I gave? You'll find an email address for the owner at the bottom.

21-03-09, 18:36
Talk about feeling stupid. I did what you said and everything saved just fine.
Yes we're never to old to learn(LOL).
I checked out the site and its great, seems everything is there in black and white. [I] need to connect with my freind now to show her all the updates.
I new if you got involved this would be solved.
Yak later

21-03-09, 19:39

Just in case you didn't know. There are always ongoing updates to the HisKi database, so something that wasn't there a few months or a year ago just might show up now or at their next update.

There are usually "HisKi Update" postings when they do add to it or correct it. That is one of the reasons that I tend to check this forum at least once a week, but probably I'm here everyday just to see who wrote what.

Have fun going through all of the information that Karen has provided to you.