View Full Version : How are we related?

Karen Norwillo
05-12-03, 18:08
While scanning the various collections I have noticed at least 6 members who share common recent ancestry with me. I am the granddaughter of Anna Lovisa Andersdotter Långsjö and Gabriel Mikonpoika Sulasalmi. I would be interested in finding out how we are related. I know I share ancestors with many of the rest of the members, but I'm wondering if any of you are "close" relatives. Karen

June Pelo
05-12-03, 21:54

I don't know who else you're referring to as relatives, but I just calculated that you and I are 6th cousins through Johan Mattsson Häll-Hatt, plus 22 other links. You and Jaska Sarell are 9th cousins through Påhl Mickelsson Söderkultalahti. And you and Vern Lindqvist are 6th cousins through Johan Eriksson Högkull-Tarvonen.


Karen Norwillo
06-12-03, 17:18
June, I also found referrences to the Långsjö side in Hasse Andtbacka's, Don Forsman's, Börji Vestö's and Goran Bystaka's collections. Karen