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17-03-09, 12:41

I'm searching any information about a woman called Amalia (or Amanda) whose surname is unknown. Could someone check ancestry.com for me, please? I'm not even sure if she went to the States from Finland but she did live in Soviet Karelia in the 30's.

Here are the only clues I have:
1) Her name was Amalia (or something like that) and she possibly was from Imatra or the area in southeastern Finland.

2) She might have had two kids. At least she had one daughter called Impi, born about 1930 (+-4 years).

3) In Soviet Karelia she was together with my gguncle called Ludvig Ruokoja (in ancestry.com "Ludwig Ruokoza"(?)) who was born in 1890 in Finland.

4) Ludvig went to Soviet Karelia from the States in 1932/1934. "Amalia" might have gone with him. She possibly died in Soviet Karelia 1938 or 1939 (not sure at all).

I would like to know if there was this "Amalia" with a child or two children and Ludvig Ruokoja in any census. Thank you. :)

Karen Norwillo
17-03-09, 15:35
In the 1930 census in Prescott, Lewis, WA is a Ludwig Ruokoza born abt 1892, single, US 1913, laborer in chicken hatchery. He is a boarder in the home of John and Hilda Annonen and their two children, Walter and Edith. No Amalia or Amanda. In 1920, John and Hilda found, same place, children Walter and Sylvia. Sylvia must be Edith in 1930, same age. No Ludwig. I did not find him anywhere else. Hilda M Annonen died in Lewis county, WA 24 Mar 1967. John died 22 May 1952.

Karen Norwillo
17-03-09, 18:33
I found an arrival in 1913 for Ludvig Ruokoja He arrived NY 1 Oct 1913 on the "Olympic" from Southampton. He had left Finland 17 Sep 1913 per the Finnish Emigrant List. Says he is going to brother-in-law in Carbonado, WA. Strangely, his manifest on Ellis Island shows the wrong person, a Lydia Rajamäki from Parkano.
On the Family Search, LDS site, there is Ludvig Ruokoja 11 Jan 1890 Kalvia, Vaasa, Finland, died 20 Jan 1961, no place given. Father Erkki Antinpoika Ruokoja, mother Anna Liisa.

Karen Norwillo
17-03-09, 20:02
Here's the second page of that manifest, cropped. I can't make out the name of the brother-in-law. Maybe someone can. It appears that Ludvig is travelling with the person above him, #26 on the first page.

17-03-09, 20:55
Hi Karen

Thanks very much for the details!

The brother-in-law is Leander Niemi. On the other hand, #26 Otto Halminen is brother-in-law to Ludvig as well as to Leander.

I was tracking Amalia Äyräväinen from Säkkijärvi because she was originally from Viipuri area, not very far from Imatra, Finland. This Amalia went to New York in 1916, aged 19. I was hoping that maybe she could be "the Amalia"... She and a girl (Olga Nyberg) with whom she was travelling went to a man called A. Nyberg. "A" probably stands for Anton.

Anyway, I wonder if there are passanger lists of those who left the USA. e.g. in the 30s.

17-03-09, 20:57
Hi Karen

It looks like Otto Halminen to me. Sorry too late.


29-07-10, 01:59

I found this at ancestry.com:

"Roster of the men and women who served in the army or naval service (including the Marine Corps) of the United States or its allies from the state of North Dakota in the World War, 1917-1918, Vols. 1-4"

According to the search, there was my greatgreatuncle's name listed which was a surprise.

"Name: Ludvig Ruokoja"

Could someone do a lookup for me, please?

Another lookup request:

US census 1920
Name: Victor Rivers
Birth: abt 1884 - location
Arrival: year
Residence: 1920 - city, King, Washington

Thank you.

29-07-10, 07:39
I wonder if this was his daughter.

From Death Certificates of Finns in Chehalis County, Washington:

RIVERS, ANNA -- Born January 4, 1908, Independence, Wash. Died Nov. 23, 1927, St. Joseph Hospital, Aberdeen, Wash. Cause of death: lobar pneumonia; tonsillitis. Single. Housemaid. Father: Victor Rivers. Mother: Emily Asuja. Informant: Mrs. Anna Asuja, Independence, Wash. Burial Nov. 27, 1927, Centralia, Wash.

29-07-10, 11:47
I wonder if this was his daughter.

From Death Certificates of Finns in Chehalis County, Washington:

Yes Anna was their daughter. Thanks, kivinen1!

29-07-10, 22:24
What is this Finnish Emigrant list and where can i look at it? I'm still trying to find out when and where my ancestors left from finland.

30-07-10, 08:40
What is this Finnish Emigrant list and where can i look at it? I'm still trying to find out when and where my ancestors left from finland.

ellisisland.org is free, registration needed.
ancestry.com is not free.

Karen Norwillo
30-07-10, 16:04
The Finnish Emigration list is found at the Institute of Migration in Finland. It is a list of passengers and passports of people who left from Hango/Hanko during certain years. They have an unpaid option, limited as to what you can see, or a yearly subscription option. (Not too expensive) Site address