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June Pelo
05-12-03, 22:21
I have a request for help from Ernst Nyberg in ┼bo who is seeking relatives in the US:
GUSTAF EMIL MALL╔N (also written MalÚn), b. 23.02.1883 in Pojo in the south of Finland. He left Finland from Hang÷ on the ship Polaris 14.03.1906, bound for England. From England he continued 20.03.1906 on Cunard Line┤s ship Saxonia. His final destination was, according to the ticket, Seattle, Washington, USA.

Alicia Marshall found the MalÚn family in 1930 census records, living on Vinland Rd. in Braidablik, Kitsap County, WA. I haven't been able to find the town on the map, although I saw that Kitsap is located across Puget Sound from Seattle. What happened to the town?
Emil's children in 1930 were:
Clifford 23
Irving 21
Bernice 18
Myrtle 14
Esther 10
Gustaf Emil died in 1951 and wife Caroline ca 1967. The children would be elderly now, if living, but perhaps there are descendants. If anyone has any information about the MalÚn family, please contact me through Finlander.


06-12-03, 03:49
Hi June,
I have attached a scan of the Kitsap County map from my 1921 atlas.
Breidablik is located on the left near the waters of the Hood Canal.
The town had a postoffice from 1892-1906. It disappeared from my 1934 map.

09-12-03, 08:17
Hi June,
I can't add anything to what became of the family but I found the following on the Heritage Quest Scandinavians in the 1910 Census
MALLAN Emil age 27 born Finland State WA Kitsap County Locality Poulsbo PCT T624-roll 1662 Part 2 page 172 Subpage A.
This index lists heads of households only so you would need to check the 1910 census. Hope the information is of some help.


June Pelo
09-12-03, 20:44
Thanks, Jeanette,

I noticed there is a different spelling of the name from what the family in Finland used..


10-12-03, 04:17
Hi June,
I've located the gentleman in the 1910 census and will send you the image privately. It lists him as being a single boarder.

23-12-03, 19:46
I checked 8 different churches for Kitsap and Seattle and did not find anybody with the name Mallen or Malen or something near to that. Several Melin ppl but that was it.
Now Poulsbo had a Finnish Apostolic Church so maybe they went to that place? I don't have knowledge of those records.

June Pelo
23-12-03, 20:32
Thanks, Chuck. It's possible they didn't belong to a Lutheran church - or any church. I don't know much about the family, but I'll pass the info. along.


24-12-03, 11:32
Hi June,

I was out in Poulsbo, WA last Sunday, 12-21-03 and by accident, I think I have discovered the the place you mentioned in the Query concerning Malen. There is a Breidablik Elementary School, a Breidablik Sons of Norway Lodge, a Breidablik Baptist Church, Breidablik Cemetery.... Although the spelling is off, I'm sure this is the location of the Malen clan mentioned in the 1930 census (living in Braidablik).

Poulsbo, located west of Seattle and across Puget Sound, is a delightful little town that is known to be the home of many Scandinavians. The exit off the freeway is onto Finn Hill Road!


June Pelo
24-12-03, 18:41
Thanks, Debbie. I'll pass your message on to Ernst Nyberg. It will add to his knowledge about his relatives.