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20-03-09, 23:57
I have that they were married in Vaasa, Lansi-Soumen, Lanni, Finland.

I was wondering who their parents are, what church should I try contacting,
Anything would be a great help.

21-03-09, 04:09
I have that they were married in Vaasa, Lansi-Soumen, Lanni, Finland.

I was wondering who their parents are, what church should I try contacting,
Anything would be a great help.

Hi sunflower,

Welcome to the Finlander Forum.

If I could ask, do you have any dates for their marriage?

If not, can you make any educated guesses?

How about possible birth dates.

ANY additional information could be helpful, but as it is, it is a little weak:o

22-03-09, 02:20
Isak born 11-25-1837
Katarina 1837-1905

Children Herman, Ida, Reinhold, Hilda, John, Edward, Maria, Anna Sofia, Elda.

Anna Sofia is my ggmother 1877-1960

D J Granlund
22-03-09, 03:13

Just a hint about dates. Most genealogists list dates as date month year. They do this as the convention changes from country to country but in genealogy records one sees 25 Mar 1878 (25 03 1878 or 25/3 1837). This is not confusing as there is no doubt that there are not 25 months in a year but when it is 04 03 1837....you see what I mean. Welcome to the forum. There are many great people on this site and I have been helped on more than one occassion. I believe the contributors here are some of the nicest people on this planet. Good Luck David.;)

Karen Norwillo
22-03-09, 03:27
Catherina Lovisa born Toby village Korsholm 18.08.1837 to Johan Eric Ericsson Rönnberg (el Rönn) and Anna Lovisa.
Isaac born Toby village, Korsholm 29.11.1837 to Isaac Michelsson Berg and Anna Caisa. This is from Hiski. Korsholm records only to 1850 right now.
Note it says 29 Nov not 25.

22-03-09, 04:01
You people are amazing. Thank you about the dates, as I did not know the change. I'm so excited!:D

Karen Douglas
22-03-09, 13:22
Good morning, Sunflower - or perhaps I should say "Cousin."

Edvard Berg, Anna Sofia's brother, is my grandfather. I think I may have some information to share with you! :) I am on my way to church this morning but will get back to you later this afternoon.

Karen Douglas

22-03-09, 14:12
OMG I'm terribley excited! :D :D

Karen Douglas
22-03-09, 19:15
Hi Sunflower!
OK, back again, and I am excited, too! Now, let's see. Where do I begin?

Back in the 1940s-50s, one of our cousins began researching the Berg Family Tree for a high school project and developed a genealogical chart. It begins with Isak Berg and Katarina Lovisa Rönn of Vasa, Finland. They were Swede-Finns and they had 9 children. Your great-grandmother, Anna Sofia (born March 14, 1877, died June 14, 1960) and my grandfather, Edvard Berg (born Jan. 1, 1873, died June 20, 1960) were brother and sister. Edvard was the fifth child; Anna Sofia, the seventh. (Note that Edvard died just 6 days after Anna Sofia.)

This chart goes on for 9 legal-size pages. One page is devoted to each of the nine children and their descendants at the time that this chart was developed. There are some errors, and missing pieces, many of which I've been trying to correct/find/develop during the past 25-30 years. Suffice it to say, it's been a long arduous process due to several reasons. But, basically, surnames include Berg, Groop, Johnson, Ponchaud, Marander, Loo, and others. You should also know that we have a BIG family! :)

Christer - another "cousin" - has been extremely helpful in helping me find missing relatives, as have several other members of this forum.

Since there is so much material to cover, I would be happy to answer any questions you may have via email. My email address is: Sisuday*comcast.net. Or, I can send you a copy of what I have via snail mail and we can explore and discuss our family from there. I am a semi-retired journalist, who still loves to "play with words," but my primary focus these days is genealogy. Karen.

Karen Norwillo
22-03-09, 19:38
Here is your Berg family in 1880 Toby, Korsholm (Mustasaari). You'll see there are only 2 boys listed, but a total of 11 people, 6 male and 5 female. I think that means only two of the children were of the age they listed by name. So if my math is correct, 3 boys and 4 girls not listed by name are "minors." This is from the Arkivet. I cropped the page as they were right at the top. Rönn and Berg farms were neighbors.

22-03-09, 21:10
Thank you Karens! :D

Now I'll sit here in awe for a few minutes and soak up the thrill of having family.

I did get the names of Isak and Katarina parents if you need?