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22-03-09, 03:25
:) I am happy to be searching for my Finnish roots and glad to have all the help as I don't speak a word! :rolleyes: My relatives made their way to Ironwood, Mi. and I don't have much info. They are Loo's and Ross' Miners and lumberjacks. A distant cousin is Sigrid Luoma.


22-03-09, 09:02
Hi and welcome to this forum.
Do you have any further info about the Loo? Im a decendant of Loo in Finland and have a lot of genealogy done on this family name.

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22-03-09, 15:54

I have Otto Iask Loo July1875, m. to Anna Sophia Berg 1877-1960 immigrated in 1896 to Bessemer, Goegebic, Mi. 6 children. My aunts/uncles and grandmother:

Elfrieda Marie:1901-1897 m. Miles Gingrich 1903-?
Son Miles jr.1926-1996
Hugo 1902 m.Ruby Florence Bennett 3 children

Julia 1904-d. (not sure of date yet, of breast cancer) m. Harold Raymond Jolie 1902-1997.
They have a daughter living in Ohio. Carol Joy Jolie m.
Robert Urmanic.

Mildred Josephine Hildegard Loo 1906-Dec 13, 1984 m. John George Ross
Margorie 1929-1981 brain anuerism m. Earnest Baumgart
James & David
John Richard m. Bonnie Jean Garbisch June 4 1960
John George
Julie Ann
Daniel Lee
David Richard
Susan Ann

Otto Willard 1910-1978 m. Veldine Anna Anderson
3 children

Elizabeth Ida 1914 m. George Wilhelm Johnson
child Johnson

Any connections?? :)

22-03-09, 19:05
Hi cousin and welcome to the family , looks like we are 5 cousins, actually we are double related because im related on my moms side to your Loo family and also Berg family from my fathers side and Karen is also my distant cousin and you have one 5 cousin in Seattle ,Wa, from the Loo family and im going to visit her May 13 this year. Can give you her email in a PM later on. If im not wrong there is also distant cousins from the Berg line living around Lansing where Karen live.I did not have Otto in my database but i did like always, i asked my mom,she is 82 but her mind is like a book ,you just ask and you get the answer, unfortunately she does not use a computer so i have to put together the stuff into my computer, I do have the Loo family line back to 1700 hundred. Another thing, the house were Otto Loo was born is still standing in Iskmo village,Korsholm ,its not owned by the Loo family anymore but i can take a picture for you if you like.The house was built of Ottos father Isak Loo .Our daughter is just to start building a new house just a couple of hundred meters away from this house so im going there several times every week.Ill check out a little more about Otto and his family and get back to you.Karen has info about the Berg line that she got from me some years ago so she can give you that info.
Regards Christer

22-03-09, 19:14
I would love ANYTHING! Pics of the house, family info..whatever you have! My dad is 75 and in all his years has never come across another Loo. He's always wondered.

I'm so glad to have met you!:)

22-03-09, 19:37
Which Karen are you referring to?

22-03-09, 20:54
Karen Douglas is my distant cousin


22-03-09, 22:44
I have another ?

My Dad's Dad is a Ross and on every Census it shows he immigrated from Finland too, with his wife Sophia. Yet finding a Ross name From Finland has been proving hard. Did he change or shorten his name, my dad remembers :rolleyes: he was Grampa Gustav? Everything else on the Censuses fits.

Andrew Ross
Age in 1910: 38
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1872
Birthplace: Finland
Relation to Head of House: Head
Father's Birth Place: Finland
Mother's Birth Place: Finland
Spouse's Name: Sophia
Home in 1910: Ironwood Ward 7, Gogebic, Michigan
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Male
Year of Immigration: 1890
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members: Name Age
Andrew Ross 38
Sophia Ross 44
Mary Ross 12
Anna Ross 10
Richard Ross 9
John Ross 7
Esther Ross 3
Andrew Ross 1

22-03-09, 23:06

I predict a trip to Finland for you.:cool:

24-03-09, 22:21

I predict a trip to Finland for you.:cool:

I can't! I have little sunflower seeds to take care of! :D

28-03-09, 21:02
Hi SunflowerAttached the ancestors of Otto Loo about 9 generations back. I made some adds and translations into English as you said you dont speak swedish,after reading this you will know atleast some words in swedish:Iskmo,Jungsund ,Replot, etc,please search at google for the map of Korsholm and you will see the parishes.An even better idea is like Kivinen suggested. A trip to Finland would be useful. I found several living cousins of yours in Iskmo, Sweden and New York. I happens to know some of your living third cousins so i thought i could ask if they have any information from Amerika about your family or the Ross family, you never know.If you mail me at cwesterg*netikka.fi you will get all the descendants of Otto and his six brothers and sisters including your third cousins in New York.Have also some gravestone pictures and tomorrow i will take pictures of the house where Otto was born. I was wrong when i told you that the house is not in the family anymore,its owned by a grandson to Otto's brother Johannes Loo.You will probably get very confused when you read this Loo genealogy because of all the namechanges and relative marriages but this is how it was in these small villages at that time ,most of the people vhere related to each other in some way.********************************************** *********** Regards Christer

30-03-09, 20:22
Thanks Christer, what a read! :D

30-03-09, 21:02
Spoke to one of your 3 cousins in Iskmo today, tought he would know something about Otto but he didnt even know about Otto and Ida Loo in Amerika.But they had several photos of people in Ironwood, Bessemer and New York. No names on the pictures, might be your family or it might be my family or someone else ,wish we knew.I also asked about the surname Ross but they had never heard the name.Will be back to you soon with PM about the decendants and pictures, looks like you have more relatives in Finland than i thought.