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Alan J. Bundy
22-03-09, 20:32
Hello to all,
The great Russian painter Nicholas Roerich's mother was Swedish I have read. But I read that Nicholas and his wife once stayed on an island off Finland, making me wonder if his parents may have had a residence there, and making me wonder if his mother may have been a Swedish-Finn. There is a fellow writing a biography of Nicholas-the first ever I think, so he may know about this already, but I'm not sure he knows about the Finlander Forum.
Would anyone know anything about this? Roerich is one of the world's great painters although a lot of people still aren't familiar with him. In New York there has been, for years, the Roerich Museum, and entering that term on the Internet will allow you to access their website and see online some of the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen.
I'm not sure when the biography is coming out-I don't think it has come out yet, but it would be nice if it was known about Roerich's mother-what her ancestry was, and it might be some help to the biographer, who I have an email for. I do not have his mother's name-I have not run across it yet, but if I can find it I will post it here, so this is really just to see if anyone is knowledgeable at all about the Roerichs. Thanks very much.

Alan Bundy

Alan Bundy

June Pelo
22-03-09, 21:14
I remember reading that his father was a Scandinavian lawyer and his mother was Russian. There doesn't seem to be much written about his parents, but there's a lot about his wife Helena who was an author and Channeler.

June Pelo
22-03-09, 21:34
Here's what I found about the ancestry of Nicholas Roerich:

His grandfather was Fyodor Ivanovich Roerich who lived in Riga (Poland?). His father was Konstantin Fyodorovich married to Maria Kalashnikova, of a Russian merchant family from Pskov. The descent of the Roerich family is uncertain, but may go back to Viking times. There is a branch of the family in Barcelona, Spain. The family settled in the Baltic lands in the second half of the 18th century. Nicholas was born 9 Oct 1874 in St. Petersburg.

22-03-09, 22:01
Riga, in Latvia.

Interestingly, it was likely settled by the same groups that also went to Satakunta during the middle ages.

Alan J. Bundy
04-04-09, 21:31
Hi June,
Thank you very much for that information. I suppose that what I read about Roerich's mother being Swedish might be possible still after what you found out, but her name certainly doesn't sound Swedish to me. I'll get in touch with the biographer who's writing the book, and see what I can find out, and if he finds out she had some Swedish heritage or Swedish-Finn heritage, I'll certainly post it. Thanks very much.
Alan Bundy

Kaj Granlund
09-04-09, 08:21
There was a lot of german aristochrasy in the Baltic adn those had a lot of contacts with the swedes