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June Pelo
22-03-09, 22:46
The price of food continues to increase with record speed. Food prices in Finland have increased the most of all EU countries during the past year, with prices of flour, meat, fish, milk products and vegetables increasing the most. Food prices are now the highest in Europe.

It is proposed to raise the retirement age from 63 to 65 years.

A company in Uleåborg/Oulu has developed an electric car that will be produced in China this year. An electric moped will come out first, followed by a car. Both versions will be equipped with Finnish lithium batteries. They plan to manufacture 20,000 cars during the next year - half to be sold in Europe and the other half in the US. Both vehicles will go 80-120 km on a battery charge. No cost has been determined yet. An electric car is already for sale by AMC Motors in Uleåborg. If you're familiar with the Smart car in the US, this resembles it but has 4 wheels and is so small!

Presently people around the world know almost nothing about Finland. A project is underway to provide the public with information about the school system, successful technology and clean nature.

Jaska Sarell
23-03-09, 00:42
It is proposed to raise the retirement age from 63 to 65 years.
This PM's idea which he got on his skiing holiday in Lapland was soon shot down by public opinion in media, employers' organizations and trade unions alike. After negotiations a more ambitious plan is to be designed in order to raise the true average retirement age of 59 years by three years or so.

:) Jaska